He That Hath Eyes…

He That Hath Eyes…

The fly that hears not
Has doomed itself to rot
Even before the sumptuous corpse.

Sure he’ll live under a curse
That looks not before he leaps;
A dirge shall cloud his lips.

The fool listens to the deaf,
Following he who sees not himself;
Their union shall be in the pit.

Your eyes and ear have said it
‘The end of time is near
Heaven comes’. Will you be there?

18 thoughts on “He That Hath Eyes…” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. “The fool listens to the deaf? Following him who sees not himself” i cannot connect to this statement- i mean, the deaf can speak so what’s striking about this line? and then i think there is a great deal of incoherence- “The deaf sees not himself”?

    perhaps this is just my own hurried conclusion. perhaps your defense would be startling.

  2. colotrends…a deaf man has heard nothing so when the fool listens to the deaf, he listens to nothing. a man that does not see, where do you follow him to?
    learn to appreciate poetry as a painting/ puzzle not an essay. thanks

  3. @Colotrends, Poetry is an art and should be appreciated as such.

    @Brainypoet, I think the message of the poem is clear and quite easy to understand, Well done!

  4. @Scopeman thanks for enlightening him, if a poem looks so loose as an essay then where are all the figures of speech, integral elements of poetry! thanks.

    1. no wahala, afterall, we are all here to learn and improve ourselves as writers.

  5. of course, its just like that

  6. brainy poet, there should also be room for constructive criticism – i am in no way appreciating the poem as an essay or puzzle or painting. Our way of perception differs and every reader has the right to perceive or interprete a piece in any way it appeals to the him/her ( Reader Response Theory). You have no right to channel my thoughts or impose your vague approach to appreciating a poem on me. And you were very impertinent.
    My point is clear although you seem to be too engulfed in your obscure analysis. “colotrends…a deaf man has heard nothing so when the fool listens to the deaf, he listens to nothing.” What are you saying? “when the fool listens to the deaf he listens to nothing” does the deaf speak with his ear or mouth? I think you are the one that needs to be enlightened!

  7. Nice poem here. Food for thought too. Hmmm.

  8. @Colotrends i thank you for your observations but honestly i don’t think u can ever understand poetry if u see them as mere essays.

  9. @Brainy Poet, Colotrends knows a lot about poems than you think, if you google his name, u’ll find some poems he has written online. I think you should always be open to criticism that is what make a good writer. People criticise great literary giants like Soyinka, Achebe, Okigbo et al. Colotrnds has a right to voice out his opinion and shouldnt be condemned for that. Nice poem though

  10. @Nwa thanks a lot you’re right. what i disagree with is that he negates lines that are just right… thanks

  11. @Colotrends, Sir, I take a bow. You are right.

  12. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Constructive use of words..

  13. Xikay…i think if you look closely at what Coolio up there is saying you’ll see why he might think/say you erred. The fact that he is deaf doesn’t mean he cannot think or articulate his thoughts. He can read, can he not? If he can read he can think, and if he can think he can communicate. You’d be surprised what you can learn from ….

    I like the poem sha.


  14. @seun-odukoya, i rest ma case, every poem has athousand interpretations…some even teach the writer.

  15. Nice…Brainy xikay. Keep the flows on.

  16. @writefight, thanks bro… i dey feel you o!

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