Character Speaks

Character Speaks

All that has been left behind
When the world thought me unkind
I take the mantle all over again
As I walk to be plain

I take the road I’d left
As obedience calls I wept
I am me as a human
The fear of tomorrow was manned

I let go of my failures
As today speaks of tremor
My sojourning as just began
Who can say I have no haven

My love and joy left out
I am becoming the me throughout
I believe today in miracles
They are the only missing particles

What you do and say matters
Though all humans do truly falter
The truth comes to heart all
And we look for heavenly calls

The entire fault is ours here
As when change comes we stare
We hope for that we planed not
How can time truly be bought?

The character speaks louder today
Though its light is what may
Daily the inclination will cry out
As we walk daily in the fight

Nothing is ever hidden out here
The light shines without care
And eyes peruse for leaders today
As what’s spoken must be laid


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9 thoughts on “Character Speaks” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Good to read from you again treasured1. Lovely, as always.

    Well done!!!

  2. Good as always. Guess this is more inspirational. Keep it up.

  3. memorable lines
    fear…manned, i believe….particles
    great beginning, peak and end. big up!

  4. Um, Treasured 1, no doubt you are brilliant poet. However, I think you still need to pay attention to certain aspects of your poetry. For instance, I think working with one theme at a time will better improve your output.

    On this piece however, I particularly have issues with this line: “My ‘sojourn’ ‘has’ just ‘begun” I think the sentence needs to be revised to better convey the message it intends.
    Well done Sir.

  5. I ditto @scopeman on this one and ‘support’ with this: Treasured ‘numero uno’, your penchant for ‘poesy’ is very evident, but u take style spoil am with tiny typo errors wey I see here, very avoidable grammatical errors, o! @Scopeman just pointed out one of them anyway.

  6. @scopeman/ @Emmanuella… i saw this multiple theme in another of his poems and i said it that they would be better as individual than a rowdy crowd.@treasured1 the line… I BELIEVE TODAY IN MIRACLES of part/section? 1 tends to bother me, please enlighten me

  7. God! I’ve missed reading your poems..Happy New Year!

  8. Character speaks indeed.I copy u.Try n heed di suggestns 4rm @Emmanuella to rejig di piece.Again do consider refering ur wrk 2 anoda eagle-eye editor b4 posting,Ok.Dis was lifting.I think u have 2 know dat I see reading ur poems as an effort at gaining experience 4rm sb who has sth 2 tell abt life.The good,di bad and infact warts and all.Pls don’t stop.Cheers

  9. True words, as always, treasured1.

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