Unmet Amour

Unmet Amour

I reached for the heavens, but caught a star instead

how glad I was to find that heaven is where this star lays its head

I reached for the streets of paradise but landed at your gate

and with the way I feel when with you, it seems paradise can wait

For With you less is more and more is less

This obvious truth I need not confess

Much less is my pain and my sorrow

When the more of you I get to know

And more is my joy and gladness

When less time I spend in your absence


I longed for an angel but found wings instead

For here with you gravity is all but buried and dead

I sought for a queen but landed on a throne

Your love has made royalty and total dominion my very own

Your presence places all fear beneath my feet

Your grace and charm adorn me with kingship complete

And here in this place of awe and willing surrender

I marvel, I quake in astonishment and wonder

That even though I know you not as yet

I still love you and cherish you completely my dearest unmet.

11 thoughts on “Unmet Amour” by lceasar (@lceasar)

  1. Sweet and lovely poem
    like it

  2. I totally love this! Reminds me of Savage Garden’s “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You!” song. Am tripping.

  3. Lovely piece. Hope the unmet amour becomes the met amour soon.

  4. Can someone please introduce Iceasar’s amour to him right now? Lol.
    This is beautiful.

  5. Nice poem Iceasar, I love romantic fantasies.

  6. guys thanks…
    @uche and lade still waiting for unmet o

  7. Iceasar, how can you take me on a journey of romance and drop me on the precipice of the unknown/ longing?
    Well, what can i do? really loved this piece.reminds me of some i have with the same theme too.

    Well done!!!

  8. @Iceasar, we can fix dat now, sebi u know? :) lol
    I love this poem. Simple and sweet. I love ur titles too. Just the way I like em.

  9. The nature imageries here burrow deep just as the diction.Keep it coming,Iceasar

  10. grateful for the look in guys…
    @roy?we can? lol…ow u been

  11. @iceasar, ehn ehn now? I’m still on d mush run. ;) Lol
    I’ve been good. Tnx

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