The Signs

The Signs

We saw the signs
You painted the sky dark
and made the heavens shed its stars

You set the wind in motion

and it ferried our hopes on its wings

As the heavens rumbled your coming

we filed our vessels in practiced anticipation

You halt life’s cycle
and cease mother’s blood-spattered pains.

And when our hopes has learnt to soar
feathered by your plausible strokes
we woke up one morning to find you gone.

A bolt of cramp announced your departure
as you left us with a bleeding heart.

*This is for everyone who has lost a child

9 thoughts on “The Signs” by Dammy Keke (@dammy2k2)

  1. Oh! I don’t know what to say. Thank you?

    1. Well you finally said something. Thanks.

  2. This describes a miscarriage, right? Oh what a heartbreaking experience! What an anticlimax!

    1. Yes it does. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The foetus seemed flushed out by a strange omen.I think the elements and nature forces ‘with forced fingers rude’,’cramped’ the persona’s womb.The terse diction kept the idea compact.Ok,but ‘The signs’ sounds prosaic more than the text reads.Lets say for this Pro-life poem, am ur fan!

  4. Moving piece of work. It aptly describes a woman’s anguish over what could have been!

  5. Oh this is good poetry Dammy Keke, well done!

  6. This is good Dammy. You talked about signs at the beginning, yet there was an element of suprise when ther foetus was lost in the last stanza.
    Was this intentional?

    Well done!!!

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