The Rights

The Rights

The rights?

You killed it in the fights

Oh! There was no fight?

Yea, You simply smashed us with your might

The child sucking at a breast

Had his soul laid to rest

Milk all he sought

A bullet was what he got

But forget the rhymes

Of red that kills our total green. Punish the crime

Of the elephants and cattle trampling on us

Destroy this flowing evil at its source

Then, one remembers the rot of the total Force.

Protectors? May we never live in that Jos

We shall rise never to fall

And once more be the peace, AMEN, of all.

Note: This poem came third position in Beautiful Lines Competition 2010

4 thoughts on “The Rights” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Good poem here.Di ‘elephant’ and ‘cattles’ metaphor gave di work poetic tautness.I connect with ur Marxist spirit 4 di inspiration it showers.Writers must quit playing di ‘weeping boy’ though.Made a good read.

  2. Very clear and concise.

  3. fair enough, nice poem.

  4. And it sure deserved it! Loved the rhymes.

    Well done!!!

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