Step Aside

Step Aside

Many times the road is the same
But in haste we fail listening
We run onward noting no blame
Saying our time will come reigning

The vision may have been seen
The road may have been known
But one mistake man must glean
To wait in patience for the unknown

How many times men fail their location?
As all do peruse the heard and seen
O for to learn in consolation!
As wasted time calls to being

Our failure is ours not Gods
As He trays the location daily
Our hearts must glean the word
For in patience all things are weighed


This is divine interruption bothering
Many times we fail to note
As work calls us in reigning
But like Moses, “Turn aside and look”

There’s a time for change
Though our hearts love comfort zones
There’s a call standing strange
But from above we must borne

A stepping aside call of God
Another training comes for you
It may look odd but the word
As only blessings comes in dews

Stepping aside to think and pray comes
As changes comes step-by-step
All we are of God to sun
As looking brings a change alive

4 thoughts on “Step Aside” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. wow! i love specially the rhymes..however i think the use of certain words, do not go down well with me..GLEAN as u used it seems outta place

  2. Very deep as always, treasured1.

  3. Loved the first one more…..

    These are good treasured, as always.

    Well done!!!

  4. …..and you keep getting better.
    Good ones.

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