Our “disemba”

Our “disemba”

An African twelfth month!
Salons overflow with women;
Wigs, weavons & make-up are sold out.
Broke boyfriends cook up quarrels
To avoid footing Cupid’s Christmas bills.
Townspeople head home to villages
But some arrive in big boxes.

An African twelfth month!!
No Santa nor reindeers, just Father Christmas.
He’s so friendly, little children cry
Yet they’ll quickly queue up for more gifts.
Kpa! Kpa!! Pow!!! Sparks & song of bangers
Make them squeak & shriek with joy.
Even a Muslim flashes us a merry smile.

An African Christmas!!!
Dust… Drunkeness… Vigils…
Moon… Masquerades… Visits…
Cocks will be spiced & chickened.
Bulls will be sauced & beefened.
You are warmly welcome to our December.

(The Light of Africa!!)

23 thoughts on “Our “disemba”” by King kObOkO (@koboko)

  1. Quite original. Works for me really, maybe cuz it’s something that’s very easy to relate. Message’s clear. Length okay. Fantastic work. Hope to read more from you.

    1. *winks* Thanks oh literary Jay Jay

  2. I really liked this
    Absolutely descibes ‘our’ Xmas …
    My favourite lines are:
    ‘Broke boyfriends cook up quarrels
    To avoid footing Cupid’s Christmas bills.
    Townspeople head home to villages
    But some arrive in big boxes.’
    I assume ‘big boxes’ mean coffins
    If so…too true!
    well done!

    1. Wow! Naija mom, I’m so glad you cracked my “big boxes.” I almost used “body bags” but I thought why spoil the poem’s merry tone. Besides the deceased in big boxes are like man’s “Xmas gift” to mother earth. Ha ha! Thanks sweetie

  3. King Koboko has landed. This is very descriptive and shows a keen observer. Carry go.

    1. *winks* Jeff, thank you o! Na you be my oga on this site jor

    2. *winks* Jeff, thank you o! Na you be my oga on this site jarè

  4. And yes… King Koboko, you don really land… Quite Original like Jaywriter said…

    1. Thanks bro. Happy new yr to all of us o!

  5. Happy New Year, NGENE CHIBUEZE JOHN (finally, I got your real name!). In this poem, you tried to ‘hack’ down the normal, regular Xmas and New Year joys and sorrows in good old naija in a few words. I like the attempt, but you could do better, hm? And the onomatopoeic words of “Kpa! Kpa! Pow!” was quite significant, I like it. This is my first time of seeing your work, John, I think. So, keep it up, hm? You’re growing, it’s good. :)

    1. Queen Nuella, I hail o! Yeah, this is my debut on NaijaStories. Poetry na my tin but I come here so I go fit gather liver to write flash fictions & short stories. *winks* I’m growin? U tink sey I be old man before? Ha ha!

      1. Like I think I remember telling you at our very recent, private NS discussion, I repeat, “If you are in a hunt for a queen, I doubt that would be me. Take it easy and please, check next door, hm. Don’t think that my NS-babbling qualifies me to be a queen, let alone yours.” Happy reading of the NS publications, if that aides your literary growth. It makes for a good writing.

        1. Private? See as Queen Nuella wan open fowl yansh for public o! He he he… Ok sweetie, it’s either that name or “NuuNuu”. Choose now or forever hold your piss. Oops, peace. *winks*

          1. Yes, John, I don open YOUR nyash, if na so, hm? I have already said what I wanted to say, in public, and I have made myself perfectly clear to all the NS gals and guys: I am no queen to you and I am no queen at all. Maybe na your housemaid u wan call “NuuNuu”, no b me sha, na u no, o! O-Y-O is your portion. I called you King Koboko because I never knew your real name, but now that I do, you are no king to me anymore, hm? Even you and @Jaywriter are real namesakes sef, by your first real names, hmmm… Some of the top NS members are calling me Mastress (the femininity of the word Master) and it was @Jaywriter who began calling me that, and he just couldn’t help himself. So, I had no choice but to endure being called Mastress, you hear? And now, you are here giving me another title! Abeg, e don do, hm? Calling me Emmanuella or Ella without any title at all is ok for me, really. It makes me feel at home here, and it is simple enough. GBAM!

  6. Happy new year! Nice work too. n u’r right about broke boyfriends cooking up quarrels… Keep it up!

    1. He he he… I guess many Naija babes know what I mean. Happy 2011 to u too sweetie. *winks*

    2. @Tosin – you have experience with ‘xmas quarrel cooking boyfriends? Lol, just asking.

  7. Truly our very own Disemba!

  8. I salute, King Koboko, nice capture of our typical kirismas disemba.

    1. Tee, I hail o! Thanks bro *salutes*

  9. KINg koBoKO, u deserve some lashes of the KOBOKO for this nice piece, its really OUR DISEMBA

  10. Onwa disemba is no joke for our people and you nailed it to a Tee! I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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