Knowing You

Knowing You

Every nook and crevice,

bulge and pouch,

freckle and growth,

odour and fragrance,

every patch and scar.

Have i not felt your muscle at their best?

heard you groan,

in pleasured pain so.

felt you straight,

so stiff with thoughts.

Have you not sagged?

against me,

with ease so light.

I have felt your tension in my guts,

and do not see the mirth,

when you smile like that.

and  when you strike that pose,

and look that way,

i know exactly,

what you say to me.

I however,

do realise.

That always,

one step ahead you are,

teaching me just what and how.

13 thoughts on “Knowing You” by oluchiigbojekwe (@oluchiigbojekwe)

  1. First of all, i like your bio. cool
    nice poem too kinda with a masculine feel

  2. Hmmn!
    Am i thinking what i should be thinking?

    1. I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking! :)

      1. @Berry, if you are, all i can say is – naughty, naughty! Lol.

        1. I’m trying to be like you! :)

  3. This is another one,I like it,the essence of love,maybe?

  4. @Lade. share now, what are you thinking ?

    1. @Paul – hehehehe! This one is just for us ladies, lol.

      1. @lade If u say so, secrets ehn

  5. Reads pretty much like a Lady’s avowal of abiding devotion to her Lord.Ur Romeo must be sth…in the superlative.Really makes romantic sense.Lovey dovey dis.

  6. Very fine poem, I feel however that there’s perhaps an underlining message or hint of a message that I missed. All the same good job sis.

  7. @scopeman, i’m still clapping for you. good job

  8. @oluchiigbojekwe, sorry i meant you, was reading a scopeman stuff somewhere

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