“This is my best muse,  but write better than he speaks”

This comment that I consider fair

Provoked an “Aaaah!” from him

His face giving off

The faithfuls’ fear for

A seamless sinner

In vain my puny protestations

to a mind held hostage by adoration.

Perhaps it is unaware that its infallible muse

had severally picked holes in the

First muse to be beatified in its dark race

without a similar sanctimonious fear from me.

When I see such acrid awe in a man,

I see hero-worshiping and man-god

I see idolatry worse than animism.

That I expect not from a friend common

Than a friend learned.

9 thoughts on “Hero-worshiping?” by Abdulwasiu Hassan (@abdulwasiihassan)

  1. Hmmn!
    Something a lot of people are guilty of.

  2. @Lade: Yes, a lot of people indulge in it.

  3. You are on point ! like the lines

  4. Thanks, writefight.

  5. I see ur angle in ‘Hero worshiping’,esp when it too glaringly sheepish or vuvuzelic.I dare say am di only one who is guilty heroworshing.Fine,but at least I didn’t use a vuvuzela.Lol.Nice course.

  6. Vuvuzelic? If it means opaque, many poem are. thanks.

  7. Thank God for the last four lines.They were the ones that shed light on this one for me.

    Well done!!!

  8. hmmm… I can only imagine. Nice poem btw.

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