Childish Vision

Childish Vision

Happiness will wage the heart in success
The mouth will travel to broad subjects
While the enemy stands idle in wickedness
Many do not understand failed future

Success calls on all to understanding
What should have been should have been
But open throat was that unrelenting
And not all that’s seen wants future

All are made in secret to tray
Half done is better before open trench
Life is but secretive to no delay
And only wisdom helps in fruition

Hold your peace till you succeed
Men waylays the plan they see
Stand aside the enemy will plead
But let not the mouth open undone
Salau O John©2010


Wet part dry part
All we see is what we want
Childhood and adulthood
What is left of that we want?

Babyhood and manhood
What is dreams what is vision?
Be like the father, like the mother
What is left of proposed mission?

Running here running there
What is compromise what is procrastination?
Breaking the heart cajoling the child
What is what I want you must do?

Heavenly vision earthly vision
What to hold what to leave
Man’s proposal Gods proposal
One must hold for life is brief
Salau O John©2010

5 thoughts on “Childish Vision” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Two powerful poems.
    One talented writer.

  2. I think both poems are nice. I see a message of wisdom in the first, and I so like the rhythm of the second. Well done poet.

  3. @ Lade…Thanks….

    @ ….Thanks….

  4. Ditto @lade-a.

  5. this is a good one @treasured1, i just marvel that few people have made comments

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