African Daughter…

African Daughter…

I stand tall and brown skinned like the great iroko tree
My hair black like cooking charcoal and kinky
My teeth white and my lips thick and red like ripe cherries
My Body voluptuous and supple
I am beautiful
I am proud to be an African daughter

My beautiful Africa, My mother land
Your beauty and riches takes my breath away
I love to feel your rich soil with my fingers
As your cool breeze caresses my skin
And your rich produce gives me strength
As you suckle me

My beautiful Africa
The land of my great father and fathers before
And also mother and mothers before me
I am proud to be a part of your beautiful offspring
This is where I belong, And here I will always dwell
So dear stranger ,
Do not preach to me about the civilization you know nothing about
Who says to be civilized I have to be like someone else?

Does the fact that I love to feel the soil of my mother land with my bare feet
Drink water from your pure chemical free spring
Feel your rain upon my naked flesh
Stand upon your rocks as I worship my God
Swim in your streams
And bask in the warmth of your sun
As I grow strong and healthy
Make me a primitive being?
Then I accept your ignorance oh stranger

But who then are you?
Oh stranger,
O civilized one,
As you make effort to make me who I am not
All because you have done your best
To be who and what you are not

A true daughter of Africa I am ,
And that is who I will always
An African daughter.

10 thoughts on “African Daughter…” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. I am an African daughter,no stranger can change that.Thes your poems are serzly catching my eyez.
    You rock

  2. Indeed,a daughter of the soil.’African daughter’has a feminine and Afrocentric colouration that wows me!

  3. Another addition to my fave collection!
    Ooluss, i salute your genius.

  4. My African Queen, your sensual themes are beginning to mesmerise me. We must do a poetic collaboration soon sweetie. *winks* However, the only problem I have with this otherwise powerful Afrocentric poem is the confusing use of “you” & “your.” I hoped you were planning to use it to somehow address our “African brothers who betray Mama Africa” in addition to already using it to speak to the “so-called civilised non-Africans.” (I guess that’s an idea.) But pls revolve it. *winks*

  5. This is a good piece Ooluss.I had always thought you were a dude!My bad!

    Well done!!!

  6. Way to go girl! I like your poem. Well done!

  7. Thank u all :)
    * lawal , u thought I was a dude? Oooo so u think say na only men sabi write? I must put up a profile pic then !
    *King K, looking foward to the collab, just holla me whenevery u r ready.*Wink*
    *Gretel, Charles, Tee,lade, Thanks a million ! :) :) :)

    1. Ooluss, I know better than to think that o! Appreciate thr friendship request.

  8. I see the picture of the beauty you describe in the poem… So you do not need to upload a pics. lol… Of course you do… The ‘voluptuous’ word here adds sugar to the description… Nice poem… hope it sounds like music????

  9. then music it is Idoko, thanks !:)

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