When I Die

When I Die


Now I don’t know what my funeral will be like

But I do know what my life is like

Everyone is a critic; who gave them the right?

To think they can censor and correct what I write?

I’ve been through a lot; you can call that a rite,

I’ve seen a lot of days; you can call this my night

I know you seen yours too; but I’m the one with the mic,

So please hush and listen; you don’t have to think I’m right

No conceit; I write beautiful poetry and then some;

Why do you think I can’t out write Paul Anderson?

I can’t front; the boy does write some shit;

But neither he (nor anyone else) can write the shit that I speak!

Understand; this is NOT a popularity contest;

And if it was, trust me I wouldn’t want to win

Because I have nothing with which to compete;

And be as good as I am; I cannot be him

So I stay in my place; allow him stay in his,

Come to my candle; light yours and leave me in peace

You don’t want to; you don’t have to, just leave me be

I’m here to have fun; you don’t know the things I’ve seen

Think I care about being writer of the month?

Hmm…you don’t know me…watch me give away all my points!

Think I write to impress you? What’s the point?

Think I live for your ‘great!’ and ‘nice one’s! You couldn’t be more wrong

All that praise and adoration I could get for a song

I am me; you are you. Why can’t we all just get along?

I know you wonder sometimes why I say ‘bless God’

‘Is he born again?’ or ‘is his faith that strong’?

Questions you’ll never get an answer for

Check my life’s questions; you couldn’t answer four!

What does it matter to you if I learn at Lade’s feet?

What matter of yours is it if I want to marry Abby?

What concerns your concern if I have a crush on Gretel?

How does it affect you if my parents think I’m a pest?!

What if I wed in Spain and honeymoon in Tibet?

I can take great risks; you don’t have the liver to bet!

Because I see a really big picture; all you see is a vent;

A small hole through which everything else makes sense

Get your head out of the clouds; you may be a god,

But you’re a fool if you don’t know there are other gods

I don’t care what you think, read through this; don’t blink

Read and think; again and again before you comment; please

If you don’t get it, please don’t comment; I understand

I stay above all that, I never under stand

I don’t know how I’ll die, but I know what my funeral will be like

Real quiet; peaceful with the few people I like

Notice the present continuous tense? Ha – I’ll never die

Because I’ll always be here with you, mark my words;

I’m not going anywhere because I make impacts and marks with words

You write with the pen; I write with swords

Because a wise man said; ‘in peace prepare for war’.


In Response

40 thoughts on “When I Die” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. Okay. Now that’s good. Seun, you’re the man. Really love this. You’ve actually made me sit and ponder. When you’re sharing the points, do remember me, okay. Nice stuff.

    1. Hmmm….thank for your honesty…i sure will!!!

      And am i glad i made you ponder!!!!

      1. Fink this is ur first piece I will actually read here … (probably because it is a poem) and believe me I read it all through, why? Because I was flowing and sliding just along with you.

        Nice o!!!

        1. Thank you o!

  2. ok, ok, ok..this is really something…Well, I got nothing to say….I guess this is just blobbing your mind to the world of friends and all….good one man!

    1. Thanks treasured…bless HIM!!!!

      I hadda say that..lol!

  3. I LOVE this. Totally, completely LOVE this. And i agree – you are you! You are the only you. No one else can be you so you are the best YOU there is.

    1. Thank you Lade…just some stuff i needed to get off my chest…

      Hope the ‘best me’ doesn’t scare people o…lol!!!

      Absolutely RIDUNCULOUS!!!!!

      1. Didn’t know this had been going on for long o!!! Wow! How it must feel…hmmmm.

        1. It must feel…WHAT?!?!

          Madam…itd dont tey.

  4. OK….BLESS GOD! :)

    1. Thank you Remi!!!!!

  5. this is totally RIDINCULOUS.lol
    presido,you are goodest
    i love every line
    and to think my name was mentioned
    i will print it, frame it and show it to the whole world.

    1. Thank you for understanding…thank you for not mis(concepting)..LOL…

      It’s an honour to think you would want to print it out and frame it.

      Thank you.

  6. serzly,I dunno what to say,I mean it I don’t,wish I could get into ur head,really wish,wonder what’s going on there?
    I totally love it.And…..???
    Bless God.

    1. Well…
      I got an open mind. You can always come in.
      Still wanna come?

      Thank you.

      1. why won’t I enjoy my stay?you’re a tyrant?niwayz you said ”might not” not wii not,abi?

        1. EXACTLY.

          ‘MIGHT NOT’.


          Thank YOU!

          1. okay,lemme see how scary it would be.

            1. It’s not ‘scary’…not in that sense of it…it’s just…i do take some understanding.

              Thank you for trying!

    2. @Gretel U try get into his head – u come out worse than u were getting in, lol!

      1. How you take know/ You don enter before?!?!

        Mtchewwww! Hater.

  7. May I ask in response to what presido?

    Whatever it is, you sure let out your mind well, and that’s the stuff great men are made of, not afraid to SPEAK OUT!

    Well done!

    1. In response to a response.

      Thank you Lawal. You know na.

      Bless God.

  8. I can’t believe I’m just reading this now. WOW!!!
    Presido, what did nurse Mercy think about this???

    1. LOL…why don’t you ask her yourself….?

  9. This is Seun as (I think) I have always known him. What comes to my mind is ‘love me or leave me’. Well, I love you. Oh yes, I said it!



      I’M TOUCHED.

  10. a poem written with anger, precision and purpose…well done

    1. Em…anger?!?!
      Oh well.


  11. Wow! that was really nice Seun-Odukoya.
    You should write for some top poetic rappers and not the trashy ones…get the hook up to Kanye, Nas ,Jay Z and you can write for them. this was a good piece though you kinda sounded full of strong emotions…still good.

    1. Awww…this is flattering. Thank you so much.

      Em…about the music thing…WOW!

      About the strong emotions…yeah. I guess I’m built that way.

  12. I like this… cute and firmly expressed…

  13. Thanks bro…I appreciate!

  14. @Seun I was slapping mai head all through for just getting a first sneak at ur work now!!! Maybe, preoccupation with all the other shenanigans going on had obscured my vision of that, but well…never too late right?

    This thing here is like when u pop a bottle of champagne- u know how it bubbles ova??? I dunno what “response” that warranted this “response” bur I loved every damned (yes I said one more today) word in it.


    1. Hey man. Thanks.

      So you haven’t actually read anything I’ve written on here?

      Na wa o.

      Well…better late than never.

      Maybe this would encourage you to seek further…huh?

      Thanks anyhow!

      1. For sure ni!!! I just av soft spot for poetry…and then I dunno what happened sha…this place is vast mehnnnn u know.

        1. I completely understand that.


  15. why I’m I just seeing this?
    This is GREAT

    1. Well.

      Thank you!

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