Walls Of Unending Shadow


I have seen

The four walls

Coated with gory hand-prints

Of criminals and suspects

In-scripting awkwardness

Pleading for a public presentation

I stared at slogans


“we die…innocent”

“i was here”

“and so what”

“are you the president?”

“dem go fire me”

“na today”

“…save us”

My heart tears my eyes

And the graffiti spawns


My head smothers

As ravaging foul odour

Of urine and shit

Shutters me to worship

At the walls of unending scars

With my own “craze-words”.


Hell is cell!

The black bowl

Smiths into a black hole

Bloats for the unborn convict

Guilty – of life, wanting to survive

…raiding flames at night

…beaming red in flight

…yellow coal for ice

Collies for the burning

Of our already hurt hearts.


Poll for faults

Lease of crimes

To catch and lock our lives

Into the bloating black hole

Of a cell.

And so

The walls persist

A writing cry of the weak

Dying…to die today

And died…. Tomorrow


11 thoughts on “Walls Of Unending Shadow” by Uche (@uwadinachi)

  1. Good poem. The way you played with the words was nice too. For me, the message in the poem is the best part of the poem. Enjoyed reading.

  2. This is really nice, Uche. Allow me to ditto @Jaywriter.

  3. Well written, nice play of words and very socially aware message.

  4. A message well passed in words like this…word play works good too….

  5. ditto admin… The poem practically makes you grope inside those walls, with the languishing.

  6. nice poem good word play
    and i agree with you too

  7. you conveyed the message quite well, and the way you arranged the words worked for me too. Well done!!!

  8. Good One… The Message was really a picture…

  9. this is good Uche. I could literarily see the cell wall from here.

    Well done!!!

  10. And tomorrow we die no more… cell is hell!


  11. this is nice

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