This Life sha! (2 of 2)

This Life sha! (2 of 2)

At this point, I had a flash back of how I had planned to jump on him, hug him, cry, say ‘YES!’, and kiss him whenever he proposed. By the time I looked to my right and saw my mom smiling, looked to my left and saw my dad looking like he was stifling his laughter and then looked across the room and saw Bisodun scowling, the only thing I could do was say a very unromantic ‘yes’. I could not even hug him. My parents eventually left us although Bisodun, my ever protective brother hung around pretending to be watching a football match. It took about five minutes for it to dawn on me that I was engaged. I was engaged! I was absolutely overjoyed.

The first thing I did was to pick up my Blackberry and changed my BB status to ‘Chukky has proposed! *dancing smiley*’. I then reached for Bisodun’s laptop and went straight to Facebook to change my relationship status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Engaged’. I got almost 20 comments in 10 minutes not mentioning the ‘likes’ and the BB messages. I was at peace. I was content. I was engaged.

This was part of the reasons why I did not want to separate from Chukky. I was thinking like we were married already and I believed we should always plan things as a couple. I was trying to balance this with being a submissive wife so when Chukky insisted that he would like to go in 2009 for his Masters, all I could do was pray and support his dreams. I trusted him so infidelity was not even an issue to me. It was more about the fact that I was not sure how I would manage without him for so long. I was going to miss him like crazy.

When Chukky got to Lancaster, communication slowly began to reduce after about 3 months. He complained that his assignments were so overwhelming and that he had to concentrate. I used to go to his Facebook page at least 10 times a day to see who his friends were and if he was getting tagged in any pictures. There was not much to see. I was worried that he was not integrating well enough. The only place he ever told me he was when he is not home is his RCCG Parish in Lancaster. That was his second home. He had joined the Technical Department and they were usually very busy in Church. Over the months, when Chukky drastically reduced his calls, texts and even BBMs, I just assumed he was busy in God’s house and with school work. I was not happy. But I was being understanding. I met him a born again Christian so why should I now complain? Chukky eventually left Facebook. People would ask me how Chukky was doing and if I was hearing from him. I always lied. I said ‘yes’ all the time. I kept praying for him and us. I knew it was just a phase. It had come to pass.

As soon as September came, my joy knew no bounds, it was time to finally be reunited with Chukky after a whole year of being apart. I got my ticket way earlier than school resumed so I could have at least 3 weeks of just hanging out with him before school started. As soon as the plane landed at Heathrow, I quickly sorted my hair and make up out whilst seated. I was very excited. Somewhere in my heart, I was scared too. I went through security. Got my suitcases and started scanning the faces for Chukky’s who was to meet me there. I scanned and scanned. None was his.

After about two hours’ wait, he finally appeared. All my disappointment flew away. I ran to meet him and jumped on him. I was too happy to notice his coolness and nonchalant attitude. He told me there were delays on the Underground and that was why he was late. I really did not care. I was too glad to see him. He was looking slightly chubbier and had a small goatee which looked so good on him. My pulse was racing. I was with Chukky again.

The next three weeks went so slowly. I thought we would see everyday but Chukky always told me things like ‘Oh, I’m working’, ‘I’m busy’. He helped me move from London to Lancaster when my accommodation opened in Bailrigg. He left that same day. He had become so serious, so mechanical with me. Nothing I said was funny. He looked eager to always leave my presence. I knew there was a problem but nothing could have prepared me for its magnitude.

This last Sunday, after Church, he came to my house to see me. I knew he was coming and I had spent the Saturday cooking Banga soup like his mom had taught me. He walked in and I hugged him. The hug was not lingering like it used to be. It was almost mechanical. He sat down.

‘What would you like to drink?’, I asked, smiling, trying to keep the atmosphere less icy.

‘Ireti, I’m good, thanks. I just ate before coming here’, he responded.

I was shattered. But I decided to keep smiling.

‘Sit down, I’d like to talk to you’.

I sat down.

I remember his exact words. Just like his proposal, they are forever etched in my memory.

‘Ireti, I don’t know how else to say this. I’ve pondered and pondered. I spoke to my Pastor. I have prayed and fasted. I have decided that I just have to say it like it is’.

By now, tiny beads of sweat were already on my forehead and my palms were so wet.

‘Go on’, I said, dreading what was to come next. He left his seat, and knelt down before me, just like his proposal and said,

‘Ireti, it’s over between us. I’m so sorry’. This time, he was crying.

I was detached from it all. I felt like my spirit had left my body and was now observing the conversation. I was still smiling. His head was buried on my laps. I felts his tears as they seeped through my dress, drenching it. I was still smiling.

No tear came out. I felt like I was dead. I felt like the world had come to an end. At some point, I thought Chukky would look at me and burst into laughter, asking me how I could have fallen for such a bad trick. I was still smiling.

I looked at Chukky and opened my mouth as if to speak. Nothing came out. It was then I understood how people go mental because of a bad relationship. I kept looking at him and moving my lips. However, no words were spoken. I just stared at his face. Chukwuemeka Onyedikagi Andrew Chibueze, Chukky, my Chukky with whom I had fallen in love at 17. My Chukky. My best friend. The one who drew me to God. My fiance. My confidante. My husband to be. I passed out.

It has been three days now since my world was shattered. My parents are trying to get me to stop school and defer my admission because they don’t believe that I would concentrate. Bolade and Nkem who are both doing their Masters in Loughborough are planning to leave school and stay with me for a week. I have changed my relationship status on Facebook from ‘Engaged’ to ‘Single’. Bolade advised that I just take it out completely so as not to draw unnecessary attention to the whole situation. Right now, I don’t care. Whoever feels like talking should talk.

I found out the real reason Chukky left me. He fell in love with a girl in her second year, now third, during his Masters. She was on fire for God. She was very active in Church and I think Chukky believes this is the girl he needs to propel him to his divine destiny, his destiny helper. She has long hair, all natural, I have to fix mine. She speaks in tongues, I don’t. She sings like an angel in Church, I cannot sing to save my life. She is just 19, I am going to be 24 soon. She is from his town, Nkwerre in Imo state, I am an Ijebu Igbo girl. She is so close to his Pastor, I am just a churchgoer. I could go on and on…

The rain seems to be getting heavier, just like my tears. I’m down to my last Ginger nut. I don’t hate Chukky. I don’t hate the girl who stole his heart either. But I’m afraid, I don’t wish them well in their relationship. It was founded on deception and therefore may it crumble into irreparable pieces!

I’ll try my best to concentrate in class and pray I never stumble on the girl on campus. I know her face so well. I have been on her Facebook page all day yesterday and today. Her status says ‘In a relationship’ and I saw loads of pictures of them both as far back as January this year. This life sha!

I’m holding on to God in prayers. Pray for me.

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  1. Think Ireti’s learnt her lesson. Don’t let no guy change you unless you really wanna change. Opened my Facebook with it’s complicated, think it’d just probably stay that way. Switching between single, in a relationship, engaged, fwb… all bullshit. Very good story. Love the tone and voice with which the story was told. Honestly think the MC’s a little too naive at 22. Can also very well relate to the guy’s reason for leaving. This is a lovely story.

    1. Thank you. I’m thinking Ireti actually wanted to change. It s just sad that Chukky had to be slimy about leaving her. Not his fault that he fell for someone else, some might argue. However, he could have gone about the breakup in a more honourable manner.

  2. God will deal with all the idiotic chukky in this world and nobody should tell me this is fiction,in fact I blame that Ireti,how on earth can you allow yourself to be carried away by a mere man,how?Chukky is not an infidel,he’s a wicked person,ok,this is fiction but I’m so pissed.

    1. LOL Gretel Lol. It s fiction oh. But i’m happy you got so involved sha. I’m very pleased :-)

  3. wow
    nice story but Chukky sure messed up
    wish her luck as she moves ahead.
    life goes on.

    1. I know! That’s the thing life does go on. Thanks :-)

  4. Did Chukky mess up? I really cannot say. Should he have stayed with Ireti after falling for someone else? No. But he should have told her as soon as it happened. Maybe he messed up, maybe he didnt. I’ve learned to stay out of others’ relationships and not judge. People are complicated and different.
    Okay, Lade, remember this is fiction! Lol.

    1. lol…you do make a fine point though. I think he should have been open.

  5. Damn! This felt so real! Well I wanted to rain abuses on chukky but as Lade inferred did he really mess up? I guess u can’t really trust when u should really trust…or there really is no cure or protection from this kind of heartache… Well, forgive my french but this story says ‘shit happens’

    1. Lol AnnaBella i feel you babes. I think he messed up sha for not being forthright and stringing her along…

  6. Err, Annabella, indeed shit happens, is all I can say!
    Well done, Temiville!
    Truth is Ireti was the better for it, no matter how we look at it. She’ll hate him more if he married her in a state of halfheartedness!

    1. True Berry. I concur

  7. Somehow me got nothing to say bout here…u really did get me going…nice story…I’ve learn never to judge any relationship…as we lay our beds we sleep on it…and we can only change ourselves not someone else…Well, she made the mistake and so, the lessons is learned…More ink to U!

    1. Thanks treasured1! :-)

  8. Ditto Jaywriter. Nice story, told beautifully.

  9. You coveyed the emotions here very well temiville.This felt so real…..

    Well done!!!

  10. Thanks Lawal! :-)x

  11. Thanks guys for all your lovely comments. I don’t wish what happened to Ireti on my worst enemy but at the same time, I sympathise with Chukky. He should have done things in a wiser way. Wisdom is the principal thing.

    In my opinion, since this was the first time they were being apart for 6 years, it is easy to get very carried away by the first temptation that crosses your path. Chukky might have been born again but he is still human. As for Ireti, I believe it is better for her to be disappointed now than 4 months to the alter or worst still, after saying ‘I do’.

    God help us all. Thanks all once again and thanks NaijaStories for the opportunity to share my story with everyone.

    God bless.x

  12. Na wa o, NS peeps, una can like love sha. For me o, blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they shall never be broken.
    Good one Temi, u good!!

    1. Thanks Scopeman!

  13. Temi nice one! Your use of 1st person made the story more engaging, it felt real, Chukky had suceeded in doing a good thing but he spoilt it all. I empathize with the Ireti’s of this world as far as i’m concerned she did no wrong, there’s absolutely no crime in adusting to suit the one you wanna be with, or is there?

  14. Hi Temiville, I enjoyed this story. I mean, I kind of knew where it was going, but you made it interesting enough that I wanted to know how it was going to end. Great stuff!

  15. Eiyah! *Sob*

    This was very well told. Good job.

    1. Aww wipe your tears….


  16. The young man in this story seeks the “perfect bride” when he is inherently not… a common problem with us individuals. My mum used to say you should be satisfied with the meat in your plate, because the one in the about to be cooked my not turn out as tasty as the one you’ve got now in your plate…lol.

    Nice story Temi.

  17. Ayo (@boringblogger)

    I really d think Chuks messed up. You don’t propose to a girl and then ‘fall in love with another’. Its just not right. Truth is, you will always find someone better than you spouse. Chuks will one day find someone better than his new found ‘love’, but a man, especially once you have gone beyond the bf/gf stage, you stick to her no matter what.

    Good story Temiville. Keep it up

  18. nice story temi,you got me going with this one,t’was so real!

    screw you chukky! i feel like strangling you!
    but thats life,things like this happens a lot all the time,we dont just dwell on it. Life goes on!

  19. What an engaging story Temi! And this feels too real for fiction. U sure sey this tin no happen to u or somebody wey u sabi? If not then I salute your imagination & power of narration. Wow! Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong with a woman changing because of a relationship. Especially when such a change is as spiritual & unsuperficial like Ireti’s. Yes, Chukky broke her heart at last but I bet after time heals it that she’d never forget his once genuine love for her. Besides, he didn’t even F*CK her nor lick her pussy (just assuming o! Since he’s so bornagain *winks*) Chai! But why did he propose before her family? He F’d up shaa

  20. Sometimes its bettter not to love at all when you read stories like this…like is way better

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