This Legacy

This Legacy

So many things to run after
As daily the future is built
But many are running for cover
As being selfish is killing tomorrow

What will be left after Adieu?
A question for all to bear
Who will take the actual due?
As all must go their onward way

Children are crying for leadership
O for the pains we build
Who will curb this courtship?
Tomorrow will speak nothing matters

Will our death speak our truth?
A question for the children coming
What will our light on bout?
Today speaks of tomorrow after


As my thought propels me onward
What would I leave behind?
My words had been homeward
But so many things I could unfold

I leave behind a legacy of truth
Though in this I’d failed too
Many may not understand my plight
The thought of helping the world I alight

As I’ll be leaving someday here
What can I give this world?
Trust in God and show care
Though sometimes this too is hard

Love yourself as none truly would
And do your dos without its worries
I write for all what I could
Most importantly leave a legacy of truce

12 thoughts on “This Legacy” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Aside from the measured rhymes I liked ur bold sincererity in acquiescing that though truth is ur legacy but u’ve failed in it,but who hasn’t?Guess we only keep trying.A writers legacy is the path his pen cuts for himself and history to walk on.Thats ur legacy bro,love this.

  2. Charles has said my mind.

    You have wowed us again treasured1.

    Well done!!!

  3. I’m running out of words to use to describe your brilliant poems o, @treasured1.

  4. @ Charles….Thanks…what can I do but be me…glad you could read this….

  5. @ Lawal…Well, happy I could wow you here…I just love being me….

  6. @ lade…Now I wish I could borrow you words but then….time and tide goes onward….Thanks for your time!

  7. Good one as always.

  8. @ Jaywriter…Thanks…I guess I got U again….

  9. You are simply amazing,really liked the first one.
    You truly rock

  10. @ gretel…Thanks for the comment…glad u like…its just doing m thing hey….

  11. So you no wan do anthology abi, okay na. But u too much sha, and I’m sure u knw that already. Well done!!

  12. @ Scopeman…Well, the anthologies are ready for publication soon….I guess I just want to wow more people b4 they are out….Thanks for your comment…Its just being me hey….

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