The unforgotten

The unforgotten

They are the ones that linger
They are the ones that visit our dreams
They are the ones that remind us of what’s missing at Christmas
They are the ones we stretch our imagination wondering what life would be like if they were here
They are the ones with chapters that we will never get the chance to read
Movies with unfinished scripts,
Songs where the lyrics come to an abrupt end.
They are the ones whose passing away we never get over.
The ones whose absence we will always mourn
They are the reason our eyes water at the oddest times
The reason every triumph is a little sweeter
every failure more bitter

We are the ones left behind
Left forever incapable of filling the empty crevice in our lives where they fitted in so perfectly.
We are the ones with memories
We are the ones haunted by their voices.
Like hunches, we carry them everywhere we go

We are left behind to remember
The curve of her lips,
The beauty mole on her chin
Eyes that drank every inch of you
Hugs that made your nightmares flee
Words that brought you inspiration

I have tried to blot out the memories
But like an eraser that veers out of control
The more i erase the memories
The less there is of me

Your memories, My existence

10 thoughts on “The unforgotten” by Kiah (@kiah)

  1. Simple, sweet and scripty. Kiah your writing is good. You wrote about something really deep with simple words we can all relate to. Thanks.

  2. How you convey a deep message with sinple words, ‘no be small thing o!’

    Really loved this one, especially the last line.

    Well done!!!

  3. They are the ones we truly love,I love the last line.
    Your memories,my existence.
    Like jay said,simple,short and sexy.

  4. i love simple and sweet poems and this one is exactly that.

  5. What a deep poem. Such powerful words. This deserves an A+!

  6. Kiah, I must tell you I absolutely love your works, and this is no exception.
    Beautiful work!

  7. This a complete verse, love it, love the message, good lines too…I am captivated in memories of the loved ones leaving us behind….We do remember!

  8. @kiah-Ur opening lines…/’They are the ones that linger’,closing lines…’Your memories,My existence’ and the rest says it all with a bang.U too have a way with words.

  9. thanks guys…glad you could all relate!!

  10. I agree with Jay completely. The words seem to pay tribute to you, well done!!

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