She Ruled

She Ruled

An uncommon village dame, she was

Blessed with abundant misery, never saw a couch

Ravaged in plentiful pennilessness that seemed a curse

But she’s a statue one would pray to touch

Like a stray star in the Milky Way

A helpless chicken among famished vultures

She ruled, crownless, until that day

When she got still and mixed with dust in that posture.

*              *                  *

5 thoughts on “She Ruled” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. Bob, what i like about this is its open endedness.You can read different meanings, the poet persons could be a miserly maiden, or a statue.

    Well done!!!

  2. I completely agree with @Opeyemi. This is open to different definitions. Very brilliant.

  3. Think she died. Like her unfortunate situation had only one inevitable end. Good one. Really liked your choice of words.

  4. Wow,Bob,didn’t think of death here.
    Me likey

  5. Ok, u got me thinking in different directions…its beautiful…well, I guess she had her time hey!

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