Nigeria Speaks @ 50

Nigeria Speaks @ 50

They said I can’t cry, but I cried;
They said I can’t move, but I moved;
They said I can’t fight, but I fought and won;
I won and INDEPENDENCE was my reward.
They said I can’t stand, but I stood tall to become the PRIDE OF AFRICA.
They said I can’t run, but I ran to survive.
I have been running for 50 years now,
Passing on the baton from one generation to another.
I was born with a vision of unity and faith, peace and progress;
Joined together in a connection with three resilient cords;
Forged at inception in the furnace of freedom, justice and truth;
Led in the direction of brotherhood and patriotism;
But, alas! Swayed by greed and nepotism
That breeds insatiable corruption;
And trusted in the illusion of pains;
I am Nigeria.

These raised a tension of separation,
An insurrection towards disintegration;
A digression that caused a national or federal dilapidation.
Yes, I am Nigeria.

My diversity is not equipoise to division,
It’s a divine design of beauty that generations will celebrate.
Though, the journey so far may call for sober reflection,
Rather than extravagant celebrations and attractions.
I will mention a suggestion,
Motion re-direction,
An illustration beyond imagination –
First, adoration to “Awimayehun”, the One that has the final say;
For His protection as a nation despite the turbulent past race.
Then, to consider the only option for a hopeful succession,
Makes the imitation of Christ indispensable.
This is communication of love.
Through communication of love,
Intuition of hope will be re-awaken in us,
Appreciable proportion of desirable change we shall get.
A golden rule everyone must allow to rule.

Imagine Nigeria with fully equipped, well funded schools (education system) – POSSIBLE!
Imagine Nigeria without potholes at intervals on highways – POSSIBLE!
Without traffic jams due to defiance, irresponsible leadership or above-the-law syndrome – POSSIBLE!
Without police checkpoints turning to toll gates and other checkpoint corruptions – POSSIBLE!
Without electoral violence, manipulation and mega-disenfranchisement – POSSIBLE!
Imagine Nigeria where electors vote and the votes of electorates count – POSSIBLE!
Imagine Nigeria with leaders having the fear of God and servant’s hearts – POSSIBLE!
With 400kmph metro lines in major cities and Nigerian Railways absolutely revamped – POSSIBLE!
With rural areas transformed to cities and cities to Mega-cities – POSSIBLE!
With a growing well-serviced world class economy – POSSIBLE!
With people bounded by brotherly love and united as one – POSSIBLE!
With an identity that generations yet unborn will be proud of – POSSIBLE!

All of these call out to a duo; You and I.
You and I to be the change we want to see in Nigeria;
You and I to arise and build a nation we dream for our children,
And children’s children.
You and I to begin to live for the truth, loving one another.
You and I are the hope of change in Nigeria.
You and I can make change possible in Nigeria.
No one will build Nigeria,
Nigeria will be built by Nigerians –
Nigerians like You and I!

5 thoughts on “Nigeria Speaks @ 50” by Oyelakin Gbolahan (@voiceoftruth)

  1. So much hope in this piece, but like you said, it begins with you and I.

    Well done!!!

  2. I love this – ‘My diversity is not equipoise to division, It’s a divine design of beauty’.
    Beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Good one. If only most of will realise it is a work for all not just the people in ‘government’. Reall liked the work. Keep it up.

  4. There is hope for Nigeria,it begins with you and I.
    Liked this poem

  5. This I like hope for Nigeria through you and I….An exhilarating piece I must say…keep it up! It begins with one on one…..

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