It Is Not All Bad With The Night.

It Is Not All Bad With The Night.

It is not all bad with the night.

Yes, men with evil hearts prowl in darkness seeking their prey,

With their instrument of pain they cause havoc.

At dawn, bad news shall be on their trail.

With arms wrapped across the breasts, men discuss, after the night.

The priests of the gods peep into their hearts and their books.

They say: spirits both good and evil do not sleep.

So, man must keep vigil at dusk.

No one must be found sleeping while the spirits rove.

For the good spirits visit with blessings while the bad spirits must be kept in abeyance,

With much prayer and supplication.

The night is scary.

The maiden went in with her man.

At dawn her belly bulged.

When two lie together, they generate much heat.

Ok, the heat got in the way of things and a new born must be celebrated.

The night is loaded.

But it is not all bad with the night.

Man must labour, from the rising of the sun to its going down.

Bread for the eater and seed for the sower.

All appear at back breaking effort.

The mind must as well work twice as hard.

The head ache, the heart ache, the troubles of the soul.

The pain in the bones, borne out of hard labour.

Man carries into the night.

It is not all bad with the night.

For in the night, as man rests, rejuvenation happens.

The head and the heart are clear again. There is much energy once again.

And man continues his daily pursuit of vanity.

11 thoughts on “It Is Not All Bad With The Night.” by Kalu (@Kalu)

  1. I like this. So simple, so clear. Very brilliant.

  2. @kalu-This poem relies on good imageries portrayed in a lucid diction to say:Hey,night is not nightmare time,its really ‘rejuvenation’ time.Ok,twice as nice!

  3. A little satirical, a little inspirational, a very clear message… messages. Good poem. Really like it.

  4. Siple. precise and nice…

    Well done!!!

  5. hahaha,love ur imagination,babies are made at night sheh?yea it’s not all nad at night,most of my wonders come at night and me I’m a night crawler.
    I love the last line,”and man continues his daily pursuit of vanity”,very very deep…….

    1. Not all babies are made at night ;-)

  6. Nice Kalu; really nice!
    I also ditto @Charles.

  7. I love this, twas simply and nice. Well done!

  8. creative piece

  9. mmmm…I love the way this unfolded…good job!

  10. Jeez! You struck home! Simple yet complex.

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