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As most of you know, Naija Stories was set up based on my experience writing my blog and publishing my book, A Heart to Mend online. I felt I had something to offer as a way of giving back to the upcoming Nigerian writing community through my editing/writing expertise and my experience in the use of social networks. So I established this site which I believe will be one of the foremost writing, workshop and critique websites with time.

Now I don’t know about most of you but I have a vivid imagination. I want to be a bestselling author and popular fiction writer. Last year, when I decided to start writing full time, I chose the option of taking my writing destiny into my own hands. My dreams came true when my self published novel started its online life as a novella on LULU. By December 2009, I had completed the full manuscript and it was printed and distributed by Authorhouse.

While working on the manuscript too, I started a web series titled Cupid’s Risk. I wrote, produced and edited in the series and it is currently offered as a free download on my blog During this process, I worked with almost thirty Nigerian and American writers and bloggers. I was impressed by some of the talent but at the same time, I noticed some gaps that need to be plugged in terms of writing craft, style, grammar, networking, international publishing contacts, cowriting competitions, contest news, etc.

So far I’ve been heartened by the interest that Naija Stories have received, both from the members and the wider audience. I have been doing my bit to promote the site and the writers here through connecting us on Facebook and Twitter and publicising our feed even through my extensive personal network. At this point, I want to call on all members to also share stories on this site, theirs and others through their networks too. This is the only way that attract the attention we want; from publishers, editors, agents, more experienced authors and reviewers, etc.

While that continues, I started this blog here to share tips on the writing journey, from idea to book and also take questions from interested members. I will be posting weekly hopefully. If you have specific topics, you’ll like to read articles on, please feel free. I will also be accepting guest posts, so if you have any writing articles you want to share here, let me know.

Welcome to my blog.

Myne Whitman

17 thoughts on “Introducing the Publishing Tips Category” by Myne (@Myne)

  1. Good idea even though I don’t fully understand what it means. Believe NS is surely getting there.

    1. Thanks, I’ll be sharing tips on writing and editing.

  2. yep,I don’t quite get it but sounds interesting.

  3. I think Myne is talking about accepting contributions on her blog and all of us working together to increace NS visibility.

  4. I think so too…Lade..

    Nice one…

  5. way to go NS.looking forward to reading tips from Myne.

  6. …Nice concept, but how frequent should we expect to catch tips from this section? Keep the ink flowing. thumbs up!

    1. Hopefully, there will be weekly posts. Cheers.

  7. Thanks all. If you have any topics, I’ll be happy to write on them as time permits. And yeah, please help spread the word.

  8. What a visionary concept! You’ve done more than your bit for the Nigerian writing community, Myne. It’s good to see you’ve got even more in store. I’m inspired!

    1. helpful tips indeed………..

  9. NIce … Can’t wait for the tips though … keep up the good works Myne.

  10. A lovely concept…I guess there will be more tips coming…Keep up the good work….

  11. I think that this is a great site. In my opinion, it will take the artist (especially the filmmakers and writers)to change our image here and abroad. This site kicks that notion into high gear.

    The trick is to Nollywoodize it. Let us take it by the horns and drive it into the world’s consciousness. I’m mesmerized by the raw talent I see on this site. Why aren’t they being published? Well, like Nollywood and conscious rap, let’s do it ourselves and then let THEM chase us.

    To wit: what do we do to advance the cause?

  12. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone…Thanks for this site Myne…

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