I Blame Myself

I Blame Myself

As life goes on in true retrospect
I see the stars and moon crying
Crying for the advice elders neglect
The advice for roads to trying

I blame the world my mistakes today
What do I owe you but time?
As daily the sun keeps its tray
I could have been anything in my prime

How can I blame myself here now?
So many things I could but…
O the sorrows of hearts too shallow!
I am still here with the buts

I have to blame myself truly
All I could I sit at bay
Though the world awaits my folly
I’ve learn to wait my way


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10 thoughts on “I Blame Myself” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Another good one.

  2. I’m not sure i get this, treasured1.

  3. @ Jaywriter…Thanks for the comment…Just being me in time….glad u like….

  4. @ Lade…To better in anything in life we all need to focus on ourselves and be able to correct whatever is necessary….Its just about me as focus bade us all….Thanks….I do understand….

  5. I get the muse. The lines may be difficult to follow, but I could feel most of the thoughts portrayed. Well done bro.

  6. Nice poem treasured one, guess we all have ourselves to blame whichever way we go in life as we bear the cross and make the decisions alone.

  7. @ Anderson…The steps we all take in reality is ours at the end….Thanks, you are right in that….glad for your comment…

    1. yes, you are right
      you are always welcome.

  8. this is perhaps good in its own right, I must say though that I have seen more spectacular pieces from you. This seemed a little bit rushed.

  9. Reminds me of the saying ‘Man is the architect of his own fortune and misfortune’.This works for me.

    Well done!!!

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