Let me tell you a story

 About a man who sought glory

He was a man who lacked worries

Had dreams that could fill several lorries

He was cheerful and shunned greed

An ardent believer of humanistic creed

He helped others run while he crept

Some of them flew, while he leaped

But in all, he wished them well 

If they got great, he would feel swell

 For to him, that’s what it means to be great

To help others face and beat life’s baits.

12 thoughts on “Greatness” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. Reminds me of one of my lecturers. Kinda loved the rhyming. Loved the message of the poem too. NS ought to start thinking of an anthology.

  2. Short, sweet and simple, with a heavy message…..

    Well done Bob!!!

  3. like the message and its simplicity
    nice poem.

  4. That’s what we are all here for, to help each other fly; that way there’ll be no one left on the ground. Too bad no one remembered to help this man reach the sky.

  5. aahhnn,This is the real definition of greatness.Very lovely Bob.

  6. Lovely work Bob, short and succinct.

  7. A lovely one I’ll say…love the concept and the message…good…@ Jay…anthology from here (NS) will be nice….

  8. Simple poem, great message!

  9. A good sing-song poem, Robert, like a nursery rhyme. Quite good and simple, with a moral message.

  10. A fine poem, with a beautiful message. Nice one

  11. Fine and simple, without frills, but thrilling :-)
    Well done!

  12. Very cute poem, I like this very much.

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