Dear N,

Dear N,

Dear N,
I felt it important to write you this letter on this day when you turn fifty.
It is heartfelt and I hope you will read it with the same gravity with which I have written it.

Do you know, that I am not at rest when the power is on?This is because I know that the power can be cut; without my permission and without notice too! It makes me feel that I am at the mercy of other people and I do not like that! At least with my generator, I can choose to put it on and off when I want– that way I do not feel too helpless.
Speaking of which, the cacophony from the generators guarantees that I get a tension headache anytime bed time approaches.The low rumble of the Mikanos, the harsh cackling of the Hondas and the ambitious groan of the Tigers all make for a perfectly discordant orchestra, the music, of which ensures I lay tossing on my bed all night long.

When I drive on the roads, N, I can be sure to find gaping holes wide enough to swallow a little Beetle.The roads in my metropolis resemble rocky terrains; jagged and rough.Sand dunes line the pavements, with enough sand to build whole houses.It is the reason why any journey I make out on foot guarantees I return looking like a desert tourist. If I escape the sand dunes, the refuse dumps do not spare me.Unconsciously training for deep sea diving, I hold my breath for whole minutes if I am to make it past alive.

My daily commute to work, dearest N, requires thorough psychological preparation because the journey of thirty minutes stretches to one hundred and eighty threatening to drive me up the wall.My anguish is worse Oh N, when I use public transport because the “private tax collectors” relieve the bus and taxi drivers of a sizeable share of their earnings.Fierce looking and in baritones that make your tummy rumble, they dare to tell them that it is for the ‘chairman’.I like to envision an ogre sitting in a large palace and chewing the naira notes for dinner!Of course that’ tax’ is transferred to me; the final consumer resulting in a further depletion of my meagre resources.

According to science, pure drinking water consists of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen distilled under conditions to guarantee purity .The water I drink consists of those and much more; packaged in plastic skins.I call it ‘pure water’, against my better judgement.

I went into the general hospital down the road, because I felt sick in my stomach, and the attending doctor asked if the water I drink was pure, because his diagnosis of my ailment was dysentery which he said was caused by impurities in my drinking water.I smirked in response.Ignoring me, he hastily scribbled an indecipherable prescription and on arriving at the hospital dispensary, the pharmacist also hastily scribbled something indecipherable that looked like “qs” in four different places and sent me on my way without a word, and a pill. The tail of the “q” was so short that I’m not so certain it was “q”.I do not know if you know what that means,N, because I wasn’t told.

I read in the dailies, dear N, that a twenty- four year old English graduate sent in an application to a multinational, and the British human resource manager without looking at the resume said, ‘What does this person want.A job amusing me?I could pay him for that, because this application is utterly laughable !’That graduate was trained on your soil, Oh N, in a system where the teachers need a teaching on teaching and while we are at it -a salary raise too!

N, the little children around me have been forced into a premature maturation.Apart from being kidnapped in their bus loads ,some of them are made to hawk anything man has a use for;darting in and out of traffic,sandwiched between SUV’s and trailers,saloons and bikes,tankers and trucks.

Speaking of kidnapping, N, in the equation of number of kidnapped over number of not yet kidnapped, the numerator is rapidly catching up with the denominator.
I once convinced myself,N , that the Caucasians deserved it; that they polluted the Niger -Delta with oil wastes, rendered the fishermen jobless, gave existing jobs to outsiders, seduced their women and every imaginable evil I could think of.They must be smirking right now; when they switch on their TV sets and see that we have begun kidnapping our own children, our actors, our leaders, our fathers and even our grandfathers, concluding quickly that we are a crazed lot.Even our diaper clad tots are not safe!

Speaking about choices, who chose all the past leaders that you’ve had who decided that the national purse was calling their name, singing the song “I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad”,in loud raucous tones and helping themselves to my tax.I didn’t!So if I didnt choose them, who did? Did anybody accept naira from them in exchange for their conscience? They chose themselves, I say.How? Which leads me to infer,Oh N, that our electioneering process is a circus, with the politicians as clowns; while I spectate, oohing and aahing at their perfectly executed moves.

Once elected,N ,a certain group assemble in a house.Left fist,right fist.Left fist ,right fist.Upper cut to the jaw,and someone is on the floor!Its called the House of representatives-Upper and Lower.Representing who?Not me!
Another set rush in claiming they have come to enforce the law.Or have they?They are dressed in black.Interrupted from their daily venture; relieving motorists of their naira notes(they particularly like the one embossed with Muritala), they quickly pocket their loot, readjust their beret and then bark ‘You there, stop fighting, respect your constituency!’
Who is fooling whom?A sorry case of bread calling pancake fattening!
They have in turn given birth to protegees all over the place.Smaller units, calling themselves all sorts of names .In this case though,the student is much wiser than the teacher.These groups have learnt very well.
It is easy to deduce dear N, that only the Supreme Being can save me if I am ever accosted by the “original owners”(because of the impunity with which they collect my money, I have to assume they owned it in an earlier life!).Masked men, brandishing weapons that will make the United States armoury green with envy; the fear of whom is the beginning of wisdom.Call 911? Guess who answers.”The Original owners!”.Afterall, the Cicero who also happened to be Chief Justice was murdered in his bedroom, surrounded by armed guards, and till this day I do not have a clue as to who committed such a brazen crime.Or do I?

At the airports, N, I see people travelling in their droves for everything ranging from a college education to a tummy tuck to baby shopping to kidney transplants.There seems to be nothing we do not have to go abroad for.
It is apparent to me, that the leaders prefer us to make the cross-Atlantic trip.I believe darling N, that it would be worth our while if all the amenities we so crave for, were reproduced here.That way, trips do not have to be made for everything save the occasional vacation.I love those, N, but I can barely afford it!

These days,N, if I want to buy a decent box of cereal, I have to buy the ones made by your colleagues across the Atlantic.Even if I want decent bathroom slippers or nail varnish remover!
Cereal?Bathroom slippers?Nail varnish remover?
Where are the industries you had at one time?

Do we still export? Yes!Our brilliant youth!In their numbers they beseige the foreign embassies for assylum into their countries.Whether you are superior to those countries does not make them relent .The other day someone mentioned that your children are in diaspora in Libya. Libya?Something is seriously wrong, N!
In the not so distant past , you attempted to rid yourself of certain assylum seekers.They fled carrying a particular red checkered rubber bag.Today your children are fleeing using the same bag and ironically to that same country you once denied asylum!
Some other “brilliant ones” busy themselves behind computer screens; necks bent, eyes hidden behind dark g, laying their traps across the world wide web,and catching wads of currency bills.

Then I hear talks of rebranding.
Rebranding speaks of cleaning up your image and presenting you to outsiders as beautiful and attractive.But I know you,N, I know who you really are, and it is I who really matters.A perspiring Coke bottle does not necessarily translate to chilled Coke!
I wish you could be as God intended,N.That way, I do not have to travel anywhere to practice my profession,or to have my heart checked , or to buy my cereal or to tuck in my tummy ,or even to get a marketable identity.

I still love you , N.

I love the fact that I can pray openly, in tongues or without, attend parties(with the only connection between the celebrant and I being the fact that I have the “colours”), head encased in starched nylon sheets; feet tapping to the rhythm of a free, carefree beat.

I love you,N, because within your boundaries I do not have to evacuate my home periodically; fleeing from an angry wind.

I love you ,N, because the old woman down the road can “help” slap my child when he misbehaves, and she doesn’t have to be sorry.

I love you, darling N, because I look around and I see laughter in the midst of pain,comedy in the midst of tragedy and hope in the midst of despair.

You have the power, N!
You have the power to make me stay with you all my life ,the power to set alight my dreams,the power to make me believe again.
Arise, N, make me love you unreservedly, inspire my sincere patroitism.
I love you,N, and happy birthday!

36 thoughts on “Dear N,” by Berry Feistypen (@berry)

  1. Berry! Berry!! Berry!!! How many times did i call you? You have surpassed yourself with this.
    And you know what i love most? The end part, the reasons why N will always be HOME!

  2. Thank you, Lade…I’m very very happy you like.Cheers!

    1. …and Lade….yeah N will always be home…that’s the thing you never really hate her enough , its just that I so want her to change(sob!sob)..

  3. N my sweet N. I love you so much N. Berry, you really took me on a journey that I didn’t realize where we were going until the end. Good one again. Punctuation issues again, still need to work on them. But it was a very good one. I loved it. Berry Berry.

    1. Thank you, Jay, and I’m glad you took time out to read. Punctuation errors noted..I think I need an editor asap :-D
      …and I’m glad you like the journey…Endings are the hardest!

      1. Yipee!!…Jay….Abby dashed me points!(sticking out my tongue)

        1. @berry – haven’t you realized that abby and… make her head no swell now… are both as loving as they’re lovable. Abby thanks oh. That’s very sweet of you. @berry – We could work out something as regards editing your works. Inbox me if you wanna hear the proposition. Keep writing, will soon send some poilts across to you.

          1. U missed the rare opportunity to be ministered to under my NS anointing!
            seriously@ editor…will inbox most def…

  4. Berry, what more can I say? Even amidst all this, you still have the heart to love?You are a strong woman o!

    Well done!!!

    1. lol….Love conquers all, yeah , and covers a multitude of sins ;-)
      You can imagine how much love is needed to cover N’s sins!
      Thank you, dear, thank you for taking time out to read my stuff, and the use of your gigabytes! :-D

  5. @Berry-U’ve poured out ur heart of gold in this measured narrative.I felt an inevitable elevation on di wings of ur muse.I also share ur painful passion for Nigeria.Now I want 2 read more n more of ‘BlackBerry’.Loving this…

    1. @Ejins, awww@heart of gold….lol….the passion is painful yeah….passion that pains…title of my next fictional narrative…thanks for that…:-)
      U will read more of me , although my worst writerly fear is that I’ll wake up one day and have nothing to write…at least nothing worthy of anyone’s time and bandwidth! God forbid! I hear you say…Thanks a lot :-D

  6. Berry, this is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t felt this way about a post in quite a while. I appreciate your candor and so am giving you points.
    Well done girl, you totally rock!

    1. awww….Abby…thanks for the points…Wherever you have taken it from, it shall be replenished, ur oil shall never run dry(or poilts)!!…
      and I asked that naughty Jaywriter who is supposed to be my friend to dash me points, and he was feeling! :-D
      …but you stole Gretty’s line(YOU ROCK!)…whatever is she gonna say now? :-(
      I appreciate the goodwill, dear Abby, God bless you and N ;-)

      1. Am sure Gretty dear doesn’t mind.
        Thanks, God bless us all!

  7. love this one Berry
    its beautiful
    its creative
    and full of passion.
    well done.

    1. Ooooh, nice poem you wrote for me there! :) Thank you, I appreciate it!

  8. cool
    i really like
    d way u pass ur message across just baffles me
    u ……………………..

    1. The most touching and inspiring part of your comment is this: …………….!
      Much thanks, dear. Pls keep reading!

  9. Very touching piece. Nice one

    1. @Adeyinka, thank you, thanks a lot!

  10. Very Creative Feisty! I felt like I was going on some journey here.
    And yes N will always be home, even if from a distance! :) Lol
    I truly love this girl!

  11. @RemiRoy, yes indeed! Home sweet home, warts and all! Thank you, love you too! :-)

  12. Your ‘feistyness’ is infectious and ‘tappable’ in this non-fiction of yours. Like Jay said, re-check those typo errors of yours, in all your works sef, hm? I had a good laugh reading this, honestly. I enjoyed myself. It was really spicy. E just remain small make u ‘over-spice’ am, dear. You have that tendency to go over the board in your witty narration. At a point, I was hoping you would relax a bit in your sarcasm, but there you are again, ‘hitting it’. Your narration felt like a marathon race, taking out all that bile in your liver in describing your feeling in your letter to N (N for Nigeria).

    Yeah, I guess you are right, you DO need an editor, and not just any editor, a good editor, a very good one indeed. Try out @Jaywriter‘s suggestion and see if it works, ok.

    1. I was wondering (maybe I wasn’t really looking closely, maybe) when you venture into poetry in this same tone. Try it if you haven’t. Just a thought. (*shrugs*)

    2. @Emmanuella, awww…I’m so happy you enjoyed.. Punctuation errors noted(I keep saying that!), but you know what , it won’t happen again. Jay has said do all your editing on your MS word pad and then copy and paste. I used to try to edit on NS’s word pad. Very cumbersome! So, I pledge to Nuella, my friend, to be faithful, careful and dedicated…..!

  13. As for extreme sarcasm, Jesus, help me, although I think I may just be his protegee in that regard( Check it out) :):)
    I let up when I started loving N, right? But even that was ‘hitting it’…when I go “inspire my sincere patroitism” meaning aint gonna love you with only my heart, I need my head! :D

    About the editor matter, seriously Nuella I need one at this point, not just for punctuation, but also for weightier matters! Pls inbox if any ideas, preferably Nigerian and who has maybe worked with the…. errr….stars!

  14. @Nuella…I have never done poetry. But a few days ago I started thinking of it, and I have just the feistiest theme in mind! Watch out! :D

    Please keep reading! I appreciate the goodwill!

    1. Em, let me add this for ‘small’ measure: ‘N’ is far older than fifty in retrospect. Hm? Fifty na just ‘official’ age be dat, o! Geez, my own mother is far older than fifty, and ‘N’ is far older than my mother. :)

      1. That makes the problem even worse :-(

  15. Oh, Berry!!! You always come out very unique and interesting, and I particularly like this patriotic theme, well done o, your pen is loaded!!!

  16. Thank you@Tee, I appreciate, and thank you for reading!
    Off to offload my loaded pen…..loolz :-D

  17. Dear N i love you too, i like the fact that you tried to dissect the good and bad, a good one Beery.

    1. Thanks Elly, I’m glad you like :) Please keep reading!

  18. Reading this 2years later…N has not heeded your advice..

    @berry this was beeeautiful! You are good!

  19. God bless the old woman that slaps my child. N will demand jungle justice for such jungle act. Dear N, please you gotta change so that Berry here, don’t get to write you another letter, ’cause this time, she will ‘N’ my brains out.
    Loved the Doctor’s prescription part. Lovely story but even lovelier ending.

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