Asking You Out

Asking You Out

Can we go on a date?
Our world is different from others
I use nothing as a bait
Just this consideration of friendship

Can we dance and enjoy the moment?
All I would offer just an answer
Though I can’t nor relent
I am asking for your understanding

I might ask at the wrong time
But it’s better asking than dying
One road leads to lovers prime
I am asking you out today

Tomorrow we might think again
Friendship is lovers beginning
A date says something might be raining
Possibly you and I for tomorrow


21 thoughts on “Asking You Out” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. I’ve always admired your poems, always so beautiful. But this . . . this is more than beautiful.
    I’ll be back when i find the word for it.

  2. This one is most definitely my best. Will copy and inbox to all NS ladies. This is the very best. Simple, sweet and sexy. The message is so clear. Fourth part, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. pls can someone kindly ask me out with these lines,please?
    I love this one,I’ll show ???

    1. @gretel – Just done that. So?

      1. hahaha,big bros,you are going to ask all NS ladies out now and I don’t think T1 would like that,niwayz,since I’m first,I assume,I say a big YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

  4. @treasured1-I might ask at the wrong time but/its better asking than dying.Beautiful lines here.Like dis poem 4 its romantic rave.Keep it up!

  5. This one here is a treasure to keep and ‘use’ appropraiely.

    Well done sir!!!

  6. You really should consider the anthology thingy man, this is just brilliant!

  7. DAMN.




  8. Well Treasured, looks like you are the rave of the moment.
    Well done!

  9. Well done, really sweet and err… pls use appropraitely.

  10. WOW
    guess this is a lecture on Dating 101
    well done sir.

  11. @ Lade…Thanks for the comment…Glad u like it…

    @ Jaywriter…Well, I’m honored…Really happy u like…Thanks….

  12. @ gretel…Well, that’s way some love goes hey…I just hope no riot out on NS…It is well…Thanks…..

    @ Charles Ejins…Thanks…glad you like it…its just being me out here….

  13. @ Lawal…I’ll sure use it for its purposed….Thanks….

    @ Scopeman…The anthology is available…printing soon for all…Thanks for that…too many poems really…but in time soonest hey….

  14. @ Seun…U will never change….thanks, will do…all is kept….

    @ Abby….If you say so….Thanks for the comment…Well, I can’t stop being me hey!

  15. @ Berry…Thanks, will sure use appropriately for the way onward…Just keeping it real hey!

    @ Anderson….If u say so…Thanks for the comment…Always my way of doing that I love….

  16. Niceeeeee, i really really like this.
    So simple and sweet!
    Well done treasured1!

  17. Ahhh! Job well done treasured1, lovely poem!

  18. @ RemiRoy…Thanks…Its just a natural thing….I just love poetry….

  19. @ Tee….Thanks for the comment….

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