Your back is turned on me

Your back is turned on me

Your back-side always had it’s appeal
I liked to watch your comely shape
Melt into the shadows;
I liked the juicing of adrenaline,
As I chased you into the dark
The rush, as I closed in on you
I was your junkie
I wouldn’t go to sleep until you made me high.

Though I decried your hide and seek games
I was hooked on following
Lately it’s gotten quite hard
I’m getting old or tired, I think it is both
You are on the fast lane
And your back is turned on me again
It is beginning to hurt too much
To keep up with your game
Perhaps I should let you go
Perhaps I am not your type
But whenever your back is turned on me
It’s just as hard to let you walk.

2010,  Tee Akindele (

34 thoughts on “Your back is turned on me” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. NS sure is loaded with geniuses. You all are just wowing me today.
    I looove this poem. And that is putting it mildly.

    1. Glad you like the poem Lade

  2. A nice poem… ‘Ambiguitily tinted…’ Might it be about a lady… Or perhaps beer/gin …or some other sort of high?

    1. Lol, you tell me Idoko, I’m glad you think it’s nice

  3. WORD! Nicely done!

    1. Glad you think so, thanks

  4. lovely poem,it had me linked to the feelings. :)

    1. That’s good for me really :) Thanks

  5. Will most definitely go with the poem talking about a lady. This was really good. Making me think of an NS lady from @Seun’s perspective, that is. Good work.

  6. The poem proves the genius in poets.One dat gives di poets diction different semantio colouration.Thus’Back’ acquires both literal and literary meanings.Think Tee has crossed his T’s again.

    1. Glad you like the poem and thanks for the comment

  7. Good one…the dreams goes onward…a WORD!

    1. Thanks again treasured one

  8. Talk about someone who said he RARELY writes poems about women, hm… Well, I felt this poem was addressed to a woman. Anyway, one gets to know if there are more feminine responses than masculine ones, hm. Tee, it seems this kind of poetry is a ‘cup of tea’ for you, right? This is your third, sir. Am counting… ;)

    1. Hey Nuella, I don’t think I exactly said: I ‘RARELY’… LOL. I guess you like the poem, right? But ehm… do you have to count? Thanks for the following sha, I appreciate that a great deal

  9. wowwwwwwww,I love this poem,it’s so captivating,Tee,this illicited the right emotions,shows how good you’ve got urself a new fan,#1 @ that.

    1. Thanks gretel, and this is really encouraging

  10. Very lovely poem. I particularly liked the last two lines:

    But whenever your back is turned on me
    It’s just as hard to let you walk.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Uche, glad you like the poem

  11. I think I could read a book of your poems, Tee, they’re that enjoyable! I liked this one a lot, I just wished you’d worked up a more captivating finish. A lovely dose of poetry, nevertheless!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kindness Mary. sorry you’d have preferred it to end some other way, glad you liked it all the same.

  12. Hmm… I guessed that women would outshine men in the response to this poem. I guessed right.

  13. Tee, nice one. Really nice.
    I’ll say though that methinks this statement should lose the apostrophe “Your back-side always had (its) appeal” What say you?

    1. I appreciate the feedback Abby, but me thinks without the apostrophe, a reader would find it more compelling to conclude that I was referring to an arse… the ambiguity is intentional, but I didn’t necessarily mean that. I meant back-side in a more figurative sense i.e. the ‘turned-away’ disposition of the lady, if that makes sense to you.

  14. Tee, here you go again!
    Very Nice work here. :)

    1. My favorite encourager, thanks. *wink*

  15. Really nice and simple poem…no one phrase drew attention to itself…they all just blended to evoke the right emotions.Beautiful..I think it hit the right notes!

    1. Thanks a lot feistypen

  16. This is so nicely done Tee. I just hope it doesn’t become addiction for the poet persona.

    Well done!!!

    1. I hope so too, LOL. Thanks man!

  17. You struck the right chords with this one bro, well done!

    1. I’m happy you think so Scopeman

  18. a spark of poetic brilliance…………
    I love this

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