When the Heart lies

When the Heart lies

Is it not obvious

It is written all over you

I can see it all glittering all over

When the heart lies

Is hard to hide it appearance

From inside out it reflect outside

Don’t give me

That pretentious look

Never try to silence the conscience

Let it be

You can’t bribe it you know

Why do you treat yourself this way

Tell the truth and never a lie

Within you there’s a rage going on

The heart has lied

There’s commotion within you

Of which you can’t contain

When the heart lies

It opens one to condemnation

The conscience held you at ransom

Under hostage arresting the whole being

The heart is in trouble unrest and guilty

Of the offence committed by the heart

When the heart lies

It create an emotional trauma

You can lie to others

Never to yourself

You know yourself better then

Other people around you

Also God knows you better then yourself

When the heart lies

You put yourself at risk

Of guilty conscience and acquisition

Unclear conscience

A clear conscience fears

No false acquisition

When you say the truth

There’s peace within

11 thoughts on “When the Heart lies” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. Nice one…i get the message

    The typos tend to be a tad distracting tho…


  2. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    good attempt. more grease

  3. Ditto lade who dittoed Seun. Good work.

  4. nice poem but no punctuations
    ”From inside out it reflect outside”think it should be”From inside it reflect outside or from inside out it reflects”.
    I like it.

  5. Ditto the ditto’s…But U are going onward….good try….

  6. Ditto the dittoed dittoes!

    Oops, i’ve dittoed earlier, haven’t i? Oh well, still ditto anyway. Lol.

  7. Good effort but I will do with taut tropes!

  8. I’m also ditto-ing the ‘dittoed dittoes’ lol
    Nice work and yes, you do have a point!
    Do note these though:

    “Is hard to hide it(s) appearance
    From inside out it reflect(s) outside”

  9. Ditto all the previous dittos. A worthy attempt.

  10. Take note of the observations.
    Nice one really.

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