When The Heart is willing

When The Heart is willing

The mind of man is made

In such a way that is ready to do anything

When the heart is willing

Impossible things is hard to come by

Then the heart shut his inner eyes to impossible

Believing anything is possible.

So is love

When someone loves someone

And there’s this assurance

That speaks so loud and clear

With a strong conviction

That this is for real and true.

That person will do anything

It takes to win that love and keep it

When the heart is willing not is hard to come by

There’s no obstacle to overcome

No mountain too high to climb

Cause the heart is made up.

Love is a crazy thing

That the most principle being

Do fall in love too

No one is an outcast when it comes to the issue

Every one desire and long after it

Only if the heart is willing.

Love is certain so realistic

Reflecting in our everyday life

With love we come alive again

Making us feel brand new

New being refresh and full of life

Our heart lip for joy.

When the heart is willing

Nothing stops us

From making the move

Going for it and expressing it

Cause we are made to be loved and feel love.

9 thoughts on “When The Heart is willing” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. A lovely poem, Okoh and so true; nothing is impossible for a heart made willing by love.
    Noticed quite a few typos, though. Try editing it a bit.

  2. Lovely and simple; echo Lade on the typos!!!!

  3. Think there was one case of ‘not’ instead of ‘nothing’. Read on mobile so copying and pasting’s kinda over the bar. But a good poem. Real love’s not so easy to come by though. But we all gotta keep trying. Nice one.

  4. well constucted and simple too.

  5. This is good, but try as hard as I did, I couldnt find poetic essence at all.

    It could be probably me, perhaps there’s a style to how you write.

    Well done!!!

  6. What a poetic sermon… Paint your lines with imagery and see the magic… Great effort!

  7. This is nice but them typos were plenty fa; be careful with those.

  8. Yeah, Typos!
    Nice poem though. well done.

  9. typos apart
    really really cool.

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