When Respect is Gone

When Respect is Gone

Love is a feeling so strong
To some explainable
To others in explainable
The feeling so charming and captivating
When we are in love we can feel it
But we cannot see it
Is a feeling between two individual (male & Female)

For love to grow
It takes time and nurturing
A lot of work is expected
To be done like a car needed
To be fueled at all time
Or else if not fueled it will die

Like a plant
needs to be watered at all time
if not watered it will die
like a baby that needs the care of the mother
breast feeding and well attended to
if not done in a proper sense
such a baby is prone to die

so love is
certain makes love grow
certain things mire love and makes it die
love is an affection towards one a soul mate
loves needs care, respect, understanding, trust
Faithfulness, sincerity and above all God’s fear

When respect is gone
Love can not grow
Respect is one of the core element
That makes a relationship work out
Lasting for a life time standing the test of time
Respect comes into play

In dealing with your soul mate
Respect him/her feelings
Never seek for an opportunity
To defraud him/her taken advantage
Reference and correct each other in respect
Remember when RESPECT is gone LOVE cannot grow.

19 thoughts on “When Respect is Gone” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. Nice, but doesn’t read like a poem. I’m no poet though, so . . . . .

  2. Nicely told
    not sure,is this a poem?
    lot of people here will need to read tis including @Jaywriter.

  3. Don read am @paul. Na for people like you nah. Make you love and settle down. It’s nice poem. Would have worked better as a short article though or something like that.

  4. @Jaywriter..thats a wish i guess.
    its a nice one still.
    i hope u got something there?

    1. Guys, guys, guys, please you wanna start your bantering here AGAIN eh??? Hmmm… this piece is meant for both of you, ok, @Paul and @Jaywriter. Take it from me.

      1. lol,who said so
        Jay is the cassanova and not me o.



  6. Yep, Nice one.
    A few errors here and there. But nice all the same!

    1. thanks for the observation i we correct them all

  7. I don’t think this can be called a poem, it’s more like a write up on ‘love’…It was very informative to say the least. A few typos and one missing word,
    ‘certain makes love grow’, should have ‘things’ after ‘certain’. Still passed across the message though. Well done!

  8. A lot has been said already.

  9. This is nice and true!
    I don’t know about it being a poem or prose but the few words you used captured what you were trying to say.
    The typos have been mentioned, so do watch out for those.
    Nice work!

    1. thanks so much, am proud of u

      1. Proud of me?! lolz
        Shouldn’t i be the one saying that to you?

  10. This is neither prose nor poetry. It’s just a small write-up about the need for respect in the matters of love between male and female presented like a poem with proposed verses and stanzas, and to me it was written banally, ordinarily, like run-of-the-mill, something like ‘I’ve-heard-this-kinda-thing-before’. There was really nothing spectacular about this. If re-looked at, this issue should be approached in a different, unique angle. A lot of reading needs to be done for a lot of different, unique writing to take place. Okoh, abeg take note! :)

  11. This is no poem.. But nice all the same..

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