The Pastor And His Victim

The Pastor And His Victim

P: Trust me.  I know what I’m doing.

R: Pastor!

P: Don’t worry your little head.

R: Pastor, what are you doing?

P: I want to give you blessings from God.

R: Pastor, this is wrong.  I …

P: God will understand.  Let me… let me…

R: Stop this!  Please, STOP THIS!!

P: Shh!  Keep quiet!

R: Please, don’t do this! PLEASE!!!

P: You’re a sweet girl, do you know that?

R: No!  Don’t!!!  You’re – you’re hurting me!!!

P: Shht!! Hold still!  Nobody will know.

R: Stop – Oh God, please help me!

P: Yes … uh yes … yes … uuh yeah …


S: What!  Our church pastor did what?

R: Lower your voice, please!  I’m even ashamed to tell you.

S: So, he has been having his eyes on you.

R: It is so.  He has shown it, hasn’t he?

S: Wow!  A true man of God, living and breathing in God’s own family.

R: There shall be divine retribution, believe me.

S: So, you allowed him to allure you?

R: He seduced me in his holiness.

S: So you knew that.  Why?

R: I was innocent.  Now, I fear I might be pregnant. (Brief silence) Oh dear!  Pastors are mere men alike.  What am I going to do?

18 thoughts on “The Pastor And His Victim” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. Okay…Emmanuella. I’m not sure I get the point with what this is supposed to be. Are you sure its a stage piece? What is the point of the drama? Is that how it ends? (though I doubt that because you called it ‘Flash’)

    I’m also wondering how the sex encounter would be done on stage – you dint put any directions, props or whathaveyou to indicate the setting or nature of the drama.

    Or are you just experimenting or posting to get more points?…lol!
    ’cause I know you can do better than this!

    1. @Afronuts, yes, in a way, re-looking this tiny piece has made me see some errors, yeah. But because this is a literary creative website, suggestions and renovations are very welcome, constructive ones. I think maybe from the way the nameless characters spoke, one could at least picture the whole incident. And yes, this is just a flash-in-the-pan thing presented as a dialogue. Sex scenes won’t be performed on stage, I very much doubt. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why I didn’t put any directions or settings or movements, just plain dialogue. This is a piece primarily to tickle one’s fantasy.

  2. This is good. Though I think it would’ve been better if you’d used names for the speakers. Just my opinion though. Nice one Emmanuella!



    1. Lol@Seun. Me I’m not sure I understand it sha. It’s too…i dunno, incomplete?

  4. Hmmm…personally i think this story could have done with a little bit more meat…it has the potential for a beautiful dramatic stage piece..More ink to your pen Emmanuella!

  5. Emmanuella, I think the drama would have been better if You’ve added a little movement. Though flash, but not detailed.

  6. well,guess I’m used to Emmanuella trying to speak volumes with her flashes,this isn’t the first,so I get this,other than the fact that sex scenes can’t be done on stage,there’s a message in the dialogue.
    Way to go gal.

  7. This sure tickled my fancy and left me asking for more….

    Emmanuella, you don come again o!

  8. If I do understand, I suppose this is a satire, no? Brilliantly done, (I don’t know if you did it intentionally though), because rape victims and situations usually more than often feel impersonal, hence the no name characters, right?

  9. even though i didn’t understand, i still found it funny.

    1. @Paul, can a creative piece of work you couldn’t understand still make you laugh? Hmm, this could just mean that you understood it to an extent, no?

  10. Satire, not absurd this time. Good one. Really made sense. Ditto @gretel way to go.

  11. Can’t say I know what to say but am wondering; did they idolize the guy?

    1. @abby, hmmm…. from the way I’m seeing it, I very much doubt. I’m not sure sha, o! Do R and S sound like they were idolising P after P don do im ting on R? If you think so, then take it like that sha.

  12. Well S certainly didn’t respond as one would’ve expected, especially if we are to take P’s ‘profession’ to heart. S almost near sounded judgmental, and none of that seemed targeted at P; as though the incident’s a common occurrence or maybe she wished twas her.

    It didn’t read that way to you?!

    1. Well, to me, S was talking out of shock, like it was a discovery, then S began to wonder ‘how come’. Yeah, @abby, it may appear that S was being a bit judgemental, at least it sounded so. Maybe S was referring to people like P from the tone, or maybe S was just generalising, you know.

  13. Pastors are mere men.

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