The Oppressor

The Oppressor

His life got stuck in lousy limbo

He was bereft of his gallant glow

A mighty man, he was, with sprawling pride

But, got heavily humbled by life’s watchful tide

He claimed to own the world and all in it

And made his people work with no food to eat

He was a leader, yet he led no one

Daily, his people watched and wished he were gone

Alas, the oppressor has fallen down

And all come out to ‘morn’ with their colourful gowns.

12 thoughts on “The Oppressor” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. Lovely poem. Very simple and clear with a deep message. I like a lot.

  2. Simplicity at it’s finest best.

  3. Ditto lade and Seun. Good poem.

  4. What I rate high in ‘Oppressor’is its social commitment value.Very little poems in NS reflect di savage culture of avarice and plunder dat prevails in Nigerian politics which writers must be creatively alergic to.Thanks 4di cue,Bob.

  5. A beautiful one…the vice of oppression in the country…Nicely written and precise….

  6. short yet powerful,a situation beautifully captured.
    Nice one Bob,

  7. The beauty of this poem is in its simplicity and the way it still gets the message across. Good work.

  8. Nice poem Bob, well done!

  9. This is very good Bob.I loved the last line especially.

    Well done!!!

  10. yeah, simple and nice.


    Thanks 2 u all for the encouraging comments…

  12. cool poetry
    simple yet deep.

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