The New Loving Fantasy

The New Loving Fantasy

It had been a single minded journey
But today the story has changed
Two become one create double fun
Though the world count it strange

Love as found me I’m dreaming
There’s pain but in ecstasy
As many things brings the joy tolling
Who can understand the truth of love?

Like the balm on a new wound
It burns but cleanses the throbs
Like the joy of the new born sounds
The daily step helps unleash

It’s truly a fantasy world
Only those in knows the bounds
As actualization brings lovely words
The joy of love brings honor

Just my daily or weekly poetry posts:

8 thoughts on “The New Loving Fantasy” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. But for the small “Love ‘as’ found me I’m dreaming” gaffe…

    The thing that keeps me coming back to your poetry is your ability to minimise words yet optimise effect. Well done.

  2. Ditto @Seun on your use of words and the resulting effect.
    Pure talent!

  3. @ Mercy…Thanks…glad u like it….

    @ Seun…what else can I do…It’s my habit…not easy to let go….Thanks for liking me style….

  4. @ Lade…Thanks…Its just my life….glad for the comment….Just doing my duties….

  5. Only those in knows or know. Me no too know English oh but just check. Think there’re some people you’re always sure’ll deliver good poems. Treasured1’s surely one of them. Good poem. Like it.

  6. you keep wowing me,the poems keep coming and they keep getting better,yes oh @ the effects.

  7. @ Jaywriter…Thanks for the comment…Well, the word ‘knows” works out in 2 ways…its correct…though either would still work….glad U like my style….

    @ gretel…Never know I could wow you…though truly happy I did…lol….

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