Perfect World

Perfect World

I always wonder what the world would be like if it was perfect. If God created a perfect world which he did at first until Adam and eve sinned,I wonder what it would feel like to live in it.

I wonder, if they didn’t sin,there would be no right or wrong or better still no wrongs.If everything was only right in the world a lot of things would be different.If there was no evil,what would this world be like? I know for one thing there wouldn’t be any heart-break or revenge. If you’re heart got broken in a perfect world what would you feel?pain? or would you just be indifferent to it?

There wouldn’t be sickness,no cancer,no AIDS or HIV,no flu,no malaria,no STD and no need for doctors. There would be no murder.Our streets would be safer,we’d worry less about that stalker outside the window.Guns and weapons of war would never have been created.
There would be no fighting,no war.There would be no need for the Navy,the Army,the Police and your neighborhood vigilante. May be the time put into war strategies and the resources directed toward creations of weaponry would have been invested into making time for family and love,planting trees and grooming animals.

If the world was perfect,there would be no anger or resentment,no harsh words that cut like blades,no negligent injury.There would be no need for the word “sorry”.Mistakes would not be acknowledged as mistakes,because they wouldn’t exist.There would be no worries because all would go as planned,once again no mistakes.

If the world was perfect,there would be no rich or poor,no suffering,no hunger.Imagine every human being of equal status.A fair world where no one is treated less because of their color,race,manner of speech,tribe,language,dressing,religion or size.
Every human having equal right to life.No hunger and no less privileged people.No one born into shame or slavery.No job more important than the other,no reputation higher than the other.No prostitution or armed robbery due to unfortunate circumstances.
If every human was equally wise and brilliant,there would be no first or last,no pass or fail,only firsts and only passes.

If the world was perfect there would be no lies,no arrogance,no hatred,no winners no losers,no death.
If we lived forever we would have uncountable chances to do things the right way.we would worry less about time and how we spend it because we would spend it doing the good stuff.
we would be less suspicious and more trusting.There would be no cheating and we’d sleep better at night.There would be no sadness and no need for sad tears.we’d laugh more and be happy all the time.

If the world was perfect,there would be no me and you

15 thoughts on “Perfect World” by MyLife (@cherrycone)

  1. Good stuff. The world wasn’t perfect because of one reason and it’s surprising because no one knows. But I know.

  2. Forgot to mention the typos. Watch out for them.

  3. It’s not the world that ought to be perfect, it’s you and I who ought to be perfect.
    Eventually, you’ll realise that perfection finds meaning in imperfection. If life was the you described above, then ‘perfect’ would not exist. You get?
    Good piece all the same.

  4. TYPOS!!!

    No mind me…I LIKE AM DIE.

  5. @Jaywriter…interesting,let me in one the secret :) and do point out the typos if you see any.
    @scopeman…in this poem,perfect is in it’s literal meaning not an arbitrary one and i believe that would mean without any defect or blemish and once you declare something imperfect you automatically mean that there is some blemish of some sort.
    @seun…thanx alot :)

  6. A space after those punctuation marks, you grab now? Think I like you so this is the secret. Heaven wasn’t perfect, considering the coup plan by devil. So, you see. Hope you grab again?

  7. If only the moon was made out of cheese, if only we could catch the stars, if only Brad Pitt would leave Angie for Lade, if, if, if!
    All if!

    1. Lade, haba now.
      Give it time.

      1. Hahaha….by then Brad Pitt would be as toothless as he was in Curious Case of Benjamin Frankenstein…Sorry, Franklin. hahaha

  8. hahahahahaha @ big sis,aunty Lade,don’t let my in-law hear you else either Brad Pitt will become beef or you’ll have to start lookin for his number.
    Very lovely article,if the world was perfect I would be Mrs Gretel Brad Pitt,tznx the world ain’t perfect.

  9. @Jaywriter,well now i grab what you mean and it’s no longer a secret cos everyone can see it now :( lol.
    @lade,well,truly if only if,but i feel you on the Brad Pitt love.:)
    @gretel,pls dnt tell on Lade o! we don’t want Brad becoming beef and yes indeed the world isn’t perfect. :)

  10. Mylife, what can I say except that you must have been thinking really deeply to go this way.

    Hope you got your answers?

  11. Lovely musing mylife.You have said it all in the last line.

    Well done!!!

  12. @Abby – for how long now? I’ve been pining after the guy since Troy but he’s yet to glance my way. I’m getting desperate, lol.
    @Gretel – your in-law understands there’s three of us in this marriage – Brad, him & i. I come attached with Brad. So, your calling yourself Mrs Gretel Pitt is like painting a bulls eye on your forehead; i’m a good shot! Sis or not, you have been warned. Lol

    1. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz big sis,hey I’m crackin up serzly,so this is how you are,you want to kill me coz of Brad,tatz yeye Brad that I’m managing to like,runnin straight to my in-law nau,and btw you can have him,got a stable stuff goin with Orlando Bloom and Matt Damon and Michael Phelps so go with Pitt to ur own wahala.

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