Omoboja (the End)

Omoboja (the End)

Another horror that shook the village even more than all the other horrors awaited the people in the morning. The king was discovered hanging in his room! He had taken his own life! It was unheard of! A man take his own life?!
A king?!

Suicide was an unheard of concept. It was a taboo. A man could do many things and commit many atrocities but taking the life that was the exclusive reserve of the gods was unimaginable. How much more a king?!

It was the first time in the whole village and its environs that such a thing had happened.

Even the normal gossipy nature of the village was cowed by this happenstance. Work, food, routine was forgotten in the wake of the discovery. They shuffled aimlessly from one place to the other, seeking for comfort and reason none could give.
The Ori Awo who wondered why he had been chosen by the gods to live to witness these disasters made sacrifices and prayers to the gods and brought down the hanging body of the king he had crowned just slightly more than a decade earlier.

The king could not be buried after such a death. His body was wrapped in an ordinary wrapper and thrown into the forest for the wild animals to feast on. That was the only kind of end fit for a suicide.

It was the first time as far back as existence when Ajilenko would not give a king full burial rites. The first time a king would die without honor.

The mantle of leadership was now to pass to the king’s immediate younger brother but before he could be crowned the land had to be cleansed. The people were told to embark on a seven day purifying fast and they all eagerly complied. If only their troubles could be so easily overcome by just abstaining from food.

The fast commenced the same day for no one had even put food in the mouth that day. Every single person fasted. There was no one too young to join. No little child alive to feed.

But that night, the planned cleansing had to be interrupted in a way no one could have envisaged. As the stars rose in the sky that night, the headless ghost of Omoboja followed by the spirit of Oba Erinmade carrying her head in his hand passed through the village.

Many saw them and fled in fear into their homes. Others peered out of the safety of their homes and saw the same spectacle. The dead couple headed to the palace and entered, whereupon the living inhabitants of the palace scrambled out of their home. It was said the ghosts entered the king’s quarters and stayed awhile before moving to the rooms that had belonged to Omoboja. No one can verify the truth of this since no one was bold enough to go into the palace after them. All I know is that they were inside till just before dawn when they reemerged and retraced their steps through the village back into the forest.

Ori Awo had to seek the intervention of his gods again. The answer he got was that the husband and wife were simply returning to their home but on how to get rid of them, the gods were strangely silent.
Ori Awo fell back on his years of training and experience and offered countless sacrifices and prayers and incantations but it was all to no avail. Every night without fail, the two lovers came out of the forest and made their way to the palace where they stayed till dawn. The palace by now was completely deserted even during the daytime. No one wanted to live in a house that was used by the dead for their unliving trysts.

The villagers took to withdrawing indoors once the sun set and peeking out of doorways for the now familiar sight while they wondered how long this would go on. Things might have gone on like this indefinitely if not for one day when someone observed the headless ghost of Omoboja was with child!

The news spread and the following night, every mat was lifted from every doorway to confirm that fact.
There was no doubt about it; Omoboja in her dead form was ripening with child!

When the sun rose the following day, more than one family was seen with all their worldly possessions departing the village of Ajilenko. Over the next few days, the exodus continued. No one waited to confirm their fear that the death of infants would continue with this development. Everyone preferred to be safe than sorry. Not even the would-be king stayed back. Even the Ori Awo abandoned his unproductive sacrifices and joined the migrating throng. Soon, Ajilenko was stripped bare. Even animals, perhaps sensing something strange in the uncanny way they have, moved away from the land.

The people of Ajilenko, common folks and royalty alike made their homes in different villages and started new lives. They adjusted and kept mum about their former home for fear of being ostracized. Their children grew up believing their adopted home was their real land and very soon as generations died out and new generations were born, that became the truth. They knew no other home apart from the one they were raised in. Ajilenko became a myth.

But that village was no myth. It really existed. But the once thriving village is now a barren wasteland. It has become part of the forest guarding the mountains.

It is said that the ghosts of Omoboja and Erinmade still prowl that land. It is also said that she regularly conceives and gives birth and the undead babies always die on the eighth day. It is further said that on such eighth day, every animal or bird or insect found within the boundaries of the erstwhile village lose their young. As you may have already concluded, these rumors are all still hearsay. No one has actually gone there to prove them. But remember, no one has visited there to disprove them either.


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  1. As I read through, Lade, I was mentally applauding your straightforward, no-mincing-of-words style of writing. If all history books were written this way :D!! So, this is the true history of Ajilenko! For all we know, the descendants of the original inhabitants might well be now amongst us! Lol, ok, I know it’s just fiction, but it was very, very well told! At first I was angry when Omoboja lost her virginity so cheaply, when she ran away, when Ihielele died, when her twin babies were killed – in fact, I was very angry that the plot was not going in the normal direction! Lol, but in the end, I have been won over. Good finish, Lade, and well done!

    1. Marya, this comment from you, my ‘number 1 romance writer’ means so much to me. Thank you.
      Don’t be too sure Ajilenko descendants are not amongst us o. For all you know, i could be one. I certainly visited the village a lot in my dreams while writing this, lol.

  2. And we come yo yhe end of a beautifully told story….

    And Lade leaves me speechless….

    1. Thank you, Opeyemi. By the powers conferred on me by Omoboja et al, i hereby release your speech! Lol.

  3. Remember when we argued about marriage taking out the muse, you just proved me so wrong with this story. Really really loved it. Lade, think there’s a way you do prose that’s very cute. The crush’s always been there, it just grew stronger. Now I’m waiting for another story. So start posting them now.

    1. Awwww, thanks Jay. According to my hubby, he has made me a better writer. Lol, my jury is still out on that.
      Unfortunately, i won’t be posting more stories for sometime. I’m working on a novel and a collection of thriller stories at the same time. Add that to my wedding preps and my new wifely duties, and 24hrs just aint enough anymore. I’m still fully on NS though.

  4. Hmmmm…I refuse to remain speechless (U can guess I was for a few minutes after reading this)…A very masterfully told story Lade, impressive as usual…I wish though that Omoboja didn’t suffer these much…It was sad,eerie, scary and very, very epic…I can already imagine a film made from it… Well done babe!!! Still looking forward to your published works.

    1. Thank you for not remaining speechless, Mercy. I appreciate your comment.
      Sorry about Omoboja suffering so much. It was for the good of the story. Maybe a movie made out of this will be kinder to her.

  5. The dead conceiving?! That’s deep! Really deep!
    You did a beautiful job with the way you ended this piece. It wasn’t expected at all! Just how a mythical story should be concluded.

    I am such a huge fan Lade!

    1. Thank you so much, Dammy. You are too kind.

  6. aaaahhhhh,I like this one oh,the king and his head headless wife,how did you go about this big sis?I love you and I’m so proud of you.

    1. Your in-law is claiming the inspiration for this o, lil sis. He insists he ‘mused’ this out of me, lol.
      Thanks, darling. I love you too.

      1. Hehehehe,He’s so right,how else will he be able to be the boss if not by claiming muse,I salute him joh.

  7. DAMN.



    1. Well, for us here on NS, the story of Ajilenko has ended, but for Omoboja and Erinmade, a little bird says ‘the story continues’ lol. Don’t mind me o.
      Thanks, my-about-to-be-impeached president!



        1. I am sorry, my presido. May you reign forever. Please call off your watchdog.

          1. CALLED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ok, at first the story of Omoboja was really sad, and a bit scary. But this last part, I have to say, was absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t keep from laughing at the thought of a (headless) ghost getting pregnant. That’s really out-of-this-world funny.

    I love the last two sentences – there was no better way to end the story. Well done. You held me spellbound from day one. Or should I say from post one?

    1. Lol @Uche, the things you find funny.
      Thank you, dear. I was undecided about the last sentences, thought they were overkill but left them anyway. Glad to know i didn’t goof.

  9. Ditto @mercy on the film. Think it’d really be something different from the normal nollywood films.

    1. Waiting on you to make it into a script for me, Jay.

      1. Need some more training to pull it off. The story needs real professionals.

  10. Lost for words…this a beautiful end…At first I wonder but no more….

    1. Glad you are no more wondering, treasured1, lol. Thank you.

  11. Applause applause!!!
    Amazing finish Lade. I had wondered how you were going to pull it off. I wasn’t disappointed.
    i only wish Omoboja didnt have to suffer so much.and lmao@ the ‘undead’ children, you’ve got quite an imagination!
    kudos, and congratulations on the ‘new wifely duties’:)

  12. *curtsey, curtsey* Thank you, Remi. Funny thing is i had the end already mapped out before i thought out the beginning. Thank heavens they both fit, lol.
    And thanks for the ‘wifely duties’ congratulations *wink*

    1. *wink* right back at ya!
      Hola when the little ones start rolling in, in their droves! Lol :) I eat fried rice and plantain and I’ll bring a gift along, don’t worry. ;)

      1. droves??!! Pity me nah. Lol.
        Make sure the gift is for mommy, Junior gets too many gifts that day, don’t you think? Do me good and you get plenty plantain, deal? Lol.

  13. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Great way to end a captivating tale. Thank you Lade, for keeping us this enthralled. Luck with your novel and collection, After this, I know u will do them justice. More grease

    1. Thank you, Fred. I try my best and you all make it worth the effort.

  14. I’m new on NS,and I haven’t read the preceeding chapters,but I know that this was beautiful and it showed a rare breed of intelligence!

    1. Thanks, Berry. Welcome to NS.

  15. I admire this story mainly because it doesn’t have the common ‘happy-ever-after’ kind of end.
    I think you did quite a great job with this, I guess mystery does thrill a lot.

  16. Thank you, Scopeman. If you read my tagline, you’ll see i don’t do happily-ever-afters that well so this is right up my alley, lol.
    I really appreciate your words, they motivate me.

  17. @Lade, what a fantastic end to an enthralling tale. The idea of ghosts returning to the forest to give birth and cause death is… creepy, terrifying, dramatic and poignant all rolled into one inexplicable feeling.

    OK… where’s that my container of points… please accept 30 of my very finest as my way of saying “thanks for the ride”!

    1. @TolaO – At last! I have been waiting to hear from you on this story and now, ‘inu mi dun, ayo mi kun’ lol.
      Thank you so much. For the points and the comment, they always mean a whole lot to me.

  18. Lade i loved almost every bit of the story, Omoboja got me coming back everytime, i have been extremely busy like you Iyawo :), i dont even log in to NS, i always open to check the homepage if i see the title Omoboja i just click and devour. I read all the series, even the ones i didnt comment on because of time, Good one Sista. And as for walking the aisle soon- eku preparations and welcome to the club!

    Am following Tola’s cue, here’s 35 of my finest points saying welldone girlfriend!

    1. Elly, what other words apart from ‘thank you’ can i use to express my gratitude?
      THANK YOU!
      For the points, try using lade-a. And i accept with much gratitude.

  19. Tried donating points and it kept saying that ur username does not exist any ideas how i can fix it? I owe you…

    1. Hi @Elly, if you wish to donate points to anyone (including my good self :) ) in the future, it’s easier to click on the ‘Donate Points’ link just below a comment that the person has made.

  20. beautiful writeup from start to finish. what can I say, “wow”.

    1. Thank you, prettysand.

  21. what a sad end to the couple, Omoboja was very unfortunate to live such a painfully unfulfulling life, and worse still her spirit is doomed to roam the earth and give birth to children which will only die on the 8th day? sad indeed…Love ur story telling tchniques Lade, well done, i was hooked till the very end…almost wished it didnt end thou…

    1. Meena, thanks. Sorry for not replying earlier.
      Remember, all good things come to and end. Lol.

  22. this is good writing and definitely a good read.THO I HAVEN’T READ PART 1, i thot of this being a movie but…nollywood?they probably wont do justice. U’RE GOOD!

    1. With a good producer, a good director, good actors and actresses, Nollywood can do this justice, don’t you think?
      Thanks, Matthew.

  23. fantastic work!!! sorry i’m a few years late :)

    i’m reading all your stories. You are a fantastic writer. no new material??

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