Of Love, Irony & The Last Laugh (I of IV)

Of Love, Irony & The Last Laugh (I of IV)

The cheating bastard. The nerve of the cheating bastard.

Dunni fumed as she watched her husband lean over to kiss the woman who was about to hop out of the passenger seat of his black S.U.V.  Yet again, Jide was proving that there was almost nothing on earth and in heaven that could keep his dick in his pants.

Their last row over a paramour had been almost five months ago when his then mistress, tired of being stashed away on the sideline, had given her a call to let her know that she had competition. On being confronted, he had denied, denied and denied until she had threatened to move out just so he knew she meant serious business this time…just like the last time. Quickly, he had reversed his tracks, broken down and wailed about how it was all a huge mistake and it had never been serious and how he would never do it again.

He had played it safe and narrow since then…or so she had thought until last night when she had gotten an anonymous call warning her that her husband’s latest plaything appeared to be more than just a mere flirtation. When the brief call was over, she had a hard time deciding whether to die of anger, shame, hurt or all three at the same time. She was still not sure who the caller was – it was probably one of the stricken ex-women Jide had left in his wake who couldn’t resist grasping at the chance for a little comeuppance.

It didn’t matter who the caller was though. What did matter was that she had had enough. This time, she was going to catch him in the act and then, take him for every damn thing he had. So when he left for the office in the morning, a Saturday morning no less, she gave her driver the day off, ordered a taxi and set out to tail her husband.

True to his word, he made a brief stop at the office and then, he stopped at one or two places to run errands that she already knew about, after which he made a couple more random, innocuous stops. She was this close to despairing that he was ever going to pull anything funny today. Even her taxi driver was becoming cranky and whining about how she was spoiling today’s market for him.

She had just promised him extra money to shut him up when her husband’s car came to a standstill in front of a duplex she had never seen before. She watched as he got out of the car and made a phone call. Mere seconds later, a tall, lean, light-skinned lady with waves of Brazilian hair cascading down her back came strolling jauntily through the gates.

Dunni watched dispassionately as the woman launched herself into Jide’s arms and as her husband moved his hands smoothly down the curves of her back before stopping to squeeze what even she, as much as she hated to admit, had to agree was a very nice butt. She continued watching until the pair of them jumped into his car and tore off.

“Aunty, make I follow them?” she heard her taxi driver ask. His now a-little-too-excited voice sounded light-years away and suddenly, she realized she was feeling a little faint. She opened the door of the taxi, despite the driver’s protests, and promptly upchucked the contents of her lunch.


15 thoughts on “Of Love, Irony & The Last Laugh (I of IV)” by Lara B. (@larabrown)

  1. Well, you stopped at the right spot. Waiting for more. A nice opening.

  2. By the way, read your blog, tart series, some time ago. Been hooked to this idea of kissing a smoker. Hope something catches me fancy in this new series.

    1. Thanks for reading! Incidentally, I posted a new update to the tart series today both on my blog and NS. But I promise I won’t lag in posting the concluding parts to this story here!

  3. men,men,men,the people piss me,mtchewwwwww,make she no get hrtbreak,she should follow and do her own,Lara,welcome and well done,I like.

  4. Poor Dunni!
    This is a lovely story, Lara. I’ve come to expect no less from you.

    1. That’s an awesome compliment, Lade! Even more awesome ’cause it’s from you ;)

  5. LaraB again! Nice one here. waiting eagerly o! You do know how to do your thing!

    1. Thanks, RemiRoy!

  6. Nice one.

    Welcome back.

    1. Thanks! *ahem* @ welcome back.

  7. Its good to read from you again. Beautifully written, as always.

    Well done!!!

  8. i pity Dunni
    nice story
    perfect spot to stop
    waiting for the next

  9. Loving it! I’m off to read part 2 right away!

  10. @lara. you did well with this. i agree with @jaywriter that you stopped at the right spot…KUDOS…its believability is what i like most.

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