Nigeria’s Defining Moment

Nigeria’s Defining Moment

As Nigerians witness another era of political transition in the country and celebration of yet another independent lets not forget in a haste were we’ve been and were will are coming from but at this junction what comes to mind is which way Nigeria, where are will going the road which we are heading towards to how far then and now are still like a brutes that is still creeping in the forest bracing an empty air with a shadow that is so empty within, our leaders how are they seeing things and what of the citizens what has been their effort towards regaining the lost glory of their fatherland which many hero’s past have shed blood fight in a fierce battle to bring us redemption how is today? Is there labour not in vain, where are the defining moment of our dear nation the pride of Africa motherland of great men and women.

The likes of Tafawa Balewa who carry the touch of independent rising up to be the first Prime Minister on that fateful day when has been said and done October 1st 1960 was the day the world witness the transition from the colonial master by her majesty queen Elizabeth the queen of England gave the certificate of freedom to Nigeria making her become a republic the emancipation of freedom, but after these years of glory where are those Defining Moment today have will not lost them all look at the state of the nation at present.
Then emerge a new dawn address by the late Nnamdi Azikiwe on that fateful day December 1964 we thought a new hope of great things awaits the country as he emerge the first republican president of the federal republic of Nigeria he did what he can do moving this nation from Gilgal to Jordan a new transfiguration was erupted come and see a new state where milk and honey flows these are the Defining Moment in the annuals of history of the great nation, Nigeria a nation united a future assure what of today can will say with no shadow of doubt we are still that nation of 1960 and 1964 how is it today, where have will lost the glory? Of a nation so filled with the good things of life wait are we not living in our past glory ex-glory take thought on this.

The promise has come and gone but is it fulfilled then the military and civilian leader emerge Olusegun Obasanjo who say everything I do now is to protect Nigeria’s interest, and if that will cost me my life, so be it.” Is there any Defining Moment here, that is the pledge made by him restating his commitment to the Nigerian nation while in the office but wait lets be frank and ask ourselves these question, did he really do that? Lets ponder over this question do you think deep down within be sincere use your church or mosque mind to answer that question and don’t be too quick to answer that question take your time reflect on his administration then you can answer.
The father of free education emerge Obafemi Awolowo so found of everyone the ile-ife man once a legend still a legend is among of those who shape the nation Nigeria will never forget that man in haste is numerous contribution to the state of the nation he sold himself out especially education with the program free education for all that’s why he was called the father of free education where are this Defining Moment today in our country the pride of Africa the motherland of great skills, potential, ability, might, resources and natural endowments where do we lost all? At what point in time, where and how.

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