My Wealth

My Wealth

Ola mi, the full expression of all I have
Ola mi, the shores of the riches am blessed with
I know I have everything,because I have you
I know I float in excesses because I have you
I know the minimal of things flee, as here you come
You come to fill my life up
You come to lift my spirit up
You come to become MINE

Ola mi,I yearn all day to have you by me,As life could never be perfect without you;The deepest of desires require you
I wait with all anxiety
Like the months to become but days
So you could be mine in four
Ola mi,my riches,my wealth,my completion,my perfection,
Am blessed to be blessed with your blessing

13 thoughts on “My Wealth” by abbey (@abbey)

  1. I like this. Simple and clear. I also like the use of the different english words/phrases to express the yoruba word ‘Ola Mi’.

  2. Simple and clear…well done!!!!

  3. Ola is wealth, guessing oh. Sure mi is my cuz me had iyawos mi and still have an iyawo now. Good stuff. Like the yoruba flavor as well.

  4. lol@Jaywriter, u dey rap?…Lovely poetry…well done!

  5. @mercy – yea, try to rap from time to time. You want a verse dedicated to you, lol.

    1. I will like to see that o!

  6. Liked the Yoruba inflections in this.Well done!!!

  7. Nice one…simplistic…..

  8. I almost get the feel that “Ola Mi” might refer to someone who embodies the different interpretations of the word!
    Well done!

  9. Thanks guys,wrote this poem for my then fiancee,whom I got married to, last Saturday

  10. Nice and simple
    like it

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