Musing About Yesterday II

Musing About Yesterday II

There’s a vast distance betwixt
This sculpting and the sculptor’s image,
Errors were a multitude.
His mind travelled a thousand journeys,
Attention died a thousand deaths;
He lazed in the day,
Rushed futilely in the dark;
The ancient ways of the art,
He despised,
Failing, he lost faith,
Faith in himself,
In the laws overseeing his art,
Till he lost sight of the image,
And he was left with a pile of
Amorphous drying clay
And broken dreams

8 thoughts on “Musing About Yesterday II” by Shope (@fisayoawi)

  1. I know this feeling, the death of an idea, so vivid so clear at the beginning, until it wanes and is finally lost.. Good one shope.

  2. I’ve been there…the felling of a dream in its basking forgotten stage-life when all things seems out of place….Nice one….

  3. This is simple, yet so vivid and powerful. Thumbs up!

  4. Nice poem. Simple yet though provoking. I imagined the sculptor as a creator of his own creations; trying to be a god of his own world but failing in the process…

    But your title seems off. Or am I missing something?

  5. The poem is the result of retrospection, hence the title. It is the second I’ve written so far. I plan to write a few more…

  6. An artist’s ups and downs. Good poem as well.

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