I am just sitting here…staring at the sky.

That’s how most sad stories start.

But it’s true you see;

I am just sitting here…staring at the sky,

Dressed in my work gear, I don’t know why

Oh yeah…I do know why

Don’t blame me for trying to lie

A sweet little girl gave me a tract just now;

I didn’t know when I crushed it,

They say love is patient; I don’t know why I rushed it,

I should have been more careful; I was the one you trusted,

I was so caught up in it I just naturally became selfish

But the first time I saw you; I swear it was magick.

I’m a graduate; two years diploma in law;

Four years in educational psychology,

But for all that I cannot figure out

What exactly goes wrong in relationships.

A guy’s sitting beside me staring at a girl,

The girl’s staring back at him as well

I bet the guy thinks he’s really lucky;

Luck has nothing to do with it; it’s just magick.

Abeg; stop frontin’ jo! You know what I’m saying

You know how you felt on your first date; see him grinning

How you guys talked for hours, neither of you wanted to go home,

Now; a few months later you ask; ‘where did all that stuff go?’

How it was; you met someone new, totally fresh and un-spoilt,

After three dates already thinking ‘happily ever after’ now

And sometimes it last just weeks, months or even years,

And they say ‘all good things come to an end’

But the first time we kissed; I swear it felt like magick

How we talked; it was a miracle we had so much in common,

Then what we thought only us had in common became common

And then, the common-ness made it stop making sense

And it’s ironic; like a rare jewel named ‘common sense’

How the connect survives the worst the world has to offer

At first; how every offence was treated with laughter

How suddenly with the shifting of the veil,

How things that didn’t count suddenly began to matter

Emotions are liars; a little different from illusion,

But we need them to live; can we find a solution?

And I won’t leave; I’ll stay here and seek absolution,

From all my wrongdoings; maybe I’ll be cured of my confusion

But when I touched you I experienced magick

The power of two hearts; that for a moment beat as one,

Excuse me; who’s the fool playing that Mariah Carey song?

For you; maybe it holds pleasant memories or even magic,

For me, it brings back memories that are tragic

Could you please just stop it?

The power of two hearts; that for a moment beat as one,

The power of dreams; that bad timing did corrupt,

To the hearts that stay strong; still believe in love

And in the search for happiness, find God above

In memory of the times we couldn’t stop texting;

Of the fact that, for good or bad, we never made it to the sex thing,

In memory of the fact that we did bring joy around us,

For a moment trapped in time; that you were actually mine

And when we were together; I swear it was magick.

I’ll forever miss you.

And yeah; remember the guy I spoke about earlier?

He and the girl just walked away now, laughing

And the way they were doing; I doubt they’d make next year,

But for now, they both look incredibly happy.

What’s that if it’s not magick?


In memory of things that could have been;

In remembrance of things that indeed were.

35 thoughts on “Magick” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. In memory of my happy moments with you. Hope your children keep you busy enough to forget those wonderful moments. This girl’s getting married and your stuff just captures the moment. Had this idea for a futuristic film where marriages’re supposed to last for a year. Each couple could then decide to renew the marriage every year. Marriage was like a football contract then. The right people dey stay oh. Na when you go follow the wrong person you go regret the relationship. A lot of us still get confused most times though, confused enough not to know the right person. It seems you guys’re getting serious, the girl you wrote the poem for? So who’s sola? Another iyawo? Really loved this.

    1. JAY…you are indeed confused. What does ‘in memory’ mean to you…????

      1. Was dedicating the poem to my teen crush who’s getting married. Inbox me who that girl is okay. You keep evading questions. Who’s sol? Who’s the NS girl you wrote a poem to? Mercy?


          SOL IS…

          YOU ARE….

  2. Nice…a mind in wonder of a love tone…well, wishing it really can be a contract…maybe U might not stand it…lol…lovely piece of mind staking hey….

    1. Treasured…did you let JAY koba you…????

  3. And i have issues with admin…for lumping my shit like that!!!!

  4. wow it’s absolutely beautiful…maybe i’m the only dazed one cos i’m a girl….one of the lovey dovey ones’s big of you to have writen this for her.
    @Jaywrite…it’s not always about the right person,sometimes you have the right person but not the right relationship.:)

    1. @mylife – well, aint seen it that way before. The right person for an fwb might not be the right person for a normal love kinda thing. Can you lecture me more? Seems like me’s missing something.

    2. NO mind the JAY Guy…e dey spliff well well!!!!!

      Thank you lady…i appreciate!!

      Bless God.

  5. Seun,ur lines tautly tug my emotional chord.Just touchy-feely!U see when a poet under di muses might creates xters dat carry actions other than his,his end howeva fatal usually draws only beggerly empathy from di audience,but when di persona’s conflict is di poets voice,it spreads more dolour amongst di audience.Di texting part got 2 me cos of a personal experience.Hope di poem serves as a perfect purgation.Am liking ur flow…More ink!

    1. Mr. Charles…i love your analysis…thank you much!!!

      Bless God.

  6. Exactly how many women are in your life and memory, Seun?
    You have to start ‘fessing up.
    I like the poem.

    1. If na that one o Lade…UNA PLENTY WELL WELL!!!

      I have lived a full life…

      Thank you much!!!

  7. This is a superb piece of poetry!!
    I like how this is different from other overly self-indulgent, full of grandiose words, poetry that are abound.

    1. ‘SCOPEMAN’…this is you using your ‘scopes’ on me…abi?!?!

      E NO GO WORK!!!!

      Thanks..bless God.

  8. really liked this,it made me so”mushyyyyyyy” and had to wipe a tear.
    Seun,this was good and I have to say you’re actually a cick man,were that ur cik cikko sef?
    Great poem

    1. Thank you so much tooths…bless God..

      It’s good to know i can still write some ish that would tug at your heart strings…

      Liked the chocolates?!?!

      1. loved them,you even knew my fav.,and your protocols are on points,can I have more pls??without soundin’ spoilt?

        1. Of course you know you can always ask…

          No problem…on their way now!!!

      2. btw,who’s the poem for?

        1. The name is there na…you gotta ask?!?!?

  9. Gretty, I’ll take a guess its for the name appended at the end.
    Presido, I hail oh.
    Nice poem even though it read in quite a sad way.
    No regrets sir and like Charles said, hope you’ve been effectively purged?

    1. Well…it’s a journey. I really pray i live long enough to see the end of it.

      Thank you Abby.

  10. Seun! Na wa. This is really cool but answer Lade’s question!

    1. Did you not read my response?!?! Dem flenty well well…!!!

      If you want details…be nice. Maybe i’ll grant you a ‘presidential interview’..!

      By The Way..bless God!!!

  11. Wetin happen sef? Why all of una dey harass my presido like this? Baba agbalagba, you might choose not to dignify all the questions with an answer!

    Yes, that is presidential might!!…

    That being said, na wah o!!! I no know the kain person wey inspire this one oh, but the person try well well.

    This is another side of presido, one we hope to see more often.

    Well done!!!

    1. You know say you be my man lojokojo…you too gbaski!!!!! Thank you jo!!!

      And yes…i waive all the questions away with my presidential hand!!!!


  12. this is real cool

    1. Thanks Paul!!!!!

  13. hmm… memories… I could remember one vividly…

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