Love inside Us

Love inside Us

Nothing can stop emotion

That runs down the sky

On our face

If we keep love in between us.

If only we would try

To keep the truth in between us

Inside us let’s keep the truth there

Love we never die

Live inside us.

True love never dies

It last forever

True never dies

No matter what it

Will continue to glow and grow.

Many rivers cannot drown love

No matter how the depth of the river

Nor how wide in length and breath

A river may seems to be

Love cannot be drown.

Let’s keep love inside of us

Making it live in between us

We are made for one another

As a soul mate building a family

On love and trust.

Feelings so strong

That tongue cannot fully express

Of how we felt within we feel peace

Unlimited joy and excitement

This love that is inside us.

Let’s keep the flame burning bright

Watering and nurturing it

Keeps it alive waxing strong?

Making it full of life

Let’s keep love inside us.

7 thoughts on “Love inside Us” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. I like this. The message was good too. More like something that’ll written for a female.

  2. Good message. Good effort. However, like as opposed to these lines:

    //Let’s keep the flame burning bright

    Watering and nurturing it//

    you can’t water a flame. That will put out the flame.

  3. Good poem. A few typos though. But you passed across the message clearly.

  4. Lovely poem…some typos…keep it up….

  5. let’s keep the love inside us.
    Good one.


    WELL DONE!!!

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