IT’s A LOVE STORY (Part 2).

IT’s A LOVE STORY (Part 2).

Should I be thankful to Seun for giving me this new life or should I hate her for taking Tony away from me? I may never find an answer to this question. I like my life right now. Why not? I am studying business administration in one of the most prestigious schools on earth. I earn much more than what many graduates in Nigeria earn, even as an undergraduate. What can I say, my life is just sweet.

But that’s all that it is- just sweet. Perhaps it could’ve been more, maybe it still can, my God I want it to be more. Surely, I like the parties, the clubs, the girls night-outs, the shopping and all the other things that come with my status now. But I want much more. Maybe I don’t deserve it, may be I do, but it doesn’t cost anything to desire it.

Like hell I miss Tony. So many times I’ve thought of picking up the phone to call him, I still have his number on speed dial even though he’s changed his number twice. I’ve been keeping an eye or two on him since I left. I always never have enough courage to call him. What would I say?

He probably thinks I’m dead. Maybe I am, the way I feel right now I probably am dead. It was cruel the way I left him. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way. He was a great guy, nice, caring and always very sweet. He never forgot my birthday nor anyone else’s in my family. He took me out on weekends and took me shopping severally. He even bought me my first laptop. I remember very vividly. It was valentine’s day and I was feeling very unlike myself, getting all cranky and touchy. He sent me his usual rise and shine text message by 7 a.m, ending it with words I knew he meant, ‘I love you’. I didn’t reply. He called me a few hours later and I didn’t spare him from my misdemeanor. I so wanted to be mad with him even when he did nothing wrong. I guess I disliked the fact that he was such a great guy. I wanted him to err a little, he didn’t have to be so perfect.
That evening, after I had turned down his invitation to dinner, a parcel came in for me. I knew immediately it was from him, but I wasn’t expecting it. ‘A parcel for Miss Maggie’, I heard the mail man’s voice from the living room where I was seated watching my favourite TV program. I had calmed down by then, so I received the parcel from my younger sister. ‘Here, this just came in for you’, she said.
‘Thanks dear’, I replied.
‘It’s quite heavy, she continued, ‘What’s inside?’
‘I don’t know’.
‘It’s from Tony right?’
‘Yes, I think so’.
‘Well then, go ahead, open it’. I tore at the beautiful paper wrap that covered a big rectangular box. ‘It’s a laptop!’ I exclaimed with much joy. My phone rang before I was even done unpacking the content of the parcel. It was Tony. ‘I hope you like it’, he said.
‘Yes I do. I love it and I love you too. Thank you’.

That was three years ago. I have changed laptop twice since then, but I still remember how I cherished the one he got for me then. It really meant a lot to me then.

I’ve been away for two years now and I have had enough time to consider many things. My choices and my actions most especially. I now see that it was all my fault. I am not talking about taking Seun’s offer, no, I’m talking about the day she came into our lives and tore us apart.

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  1. Awww, much too short! A story this good should be long so i can reeaally enjoy it.

    1. My sincere apologies Ma’am. I’m working on part 3 already, I’ll make that quite long so you can reeaaalllly enjoy it. lol…
      I’m glad you like this though.

  2. Am I sensing a ‘brokeback’ kinda relationship here? Like it though. You keep stopping at a point that’ll make every reader yearn for the next part. “Trusting you my trust” the resolution would really worth the wait. Next part, okay.

    1. Thanks Jay! Part 3 is coming right up.

    1. Presido! E don tey o. I saw Nurse Mercy the other day, she had a swollen jaw, would you per chance know the cause???

      1. Hmm. Your liver cut?!?!

        Why you no ask am???

        1. Funny enough, I did ask her and guess what she said…’You should know, after all, it’s because of you’. That led me to ask you what went down at our joint while I was away?

          1. LOL…You flatter yourself…

            1. Ah, you think so???

  3. ok…I am getting desperate here….next!!!!

    1. lol…coming soon treasured1, I’m glad u like it.

  4. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Hmmmn! are you headed where I think Scopeman?

    1. And what are you thinking Fred???

  5. Way to go. Nice. :)

    1. Thanks Remi!

  6. What’s all this? Scopeman! Its like u tore up a really interesting diary and giving us half pages. Not even whole pages, HALF!
    Still interesting though, and as was previously stated, we want more.

    1. lol….It’s good that you find this story very interesting. I’m working on part 3 rite now, it would be posted for review before the end of today. Thanks!

      How about our other story???

      1. You didn’t give me much to work with but I’ll think of something. Fingers crossed! :-)

        1. I like the sound of that. *fingers crossed*.

  7. hmmmmmm,I’m loving this thing more,yea yea too shortttttttttttt.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, part 3 coming soon.

  8. I agree its much too short but it works for me. Just hurry with the next part, ok?
    Well done!

    Still waiting on the ‘scope’ family history.

    1. Thanks Abby, I have completed part 3 already, sending it for review.

      I completely forgot about the ‘Scope family history’ thingy. What do you want to know exactly???

  9. What it exactly means and how it came to be would be good places to start.

    1. Well, I got the name from my older cousin. After exhibiting some level of intelligence and maturity at a rather young age, he felt allowing me share his nickname- which he got in a similar way from another older cousin of ours- would emphasize his respect for me. Thus, three of us have the same nickname only distinguished by numbers, 60, 80, and 100.

      Still got any more questions???

      1. Well, yeah! You pretty much made sure of that. What do the numbers typify? I feel like there’s another maybe subliminal (is that even correct?) meaning, asides from the obvious one.

        I think there might be a story to it so I really would rather you did an NS version of it; should be interesting enough when you are done embellishing it or you can just sent me the full gist in the mail? How about that?

        1. Alright then Abby, what’s your Facebook I.D, e-mail address (Inbox me if you’d prefer that) and I’l see what I can do about an NS version of the story.

          1. Yay!!
            Coming right up Scope! Thanks!

  10. I can’t help thinking, scope, that you write like a girl!! LOL, you know what I mean: there is such a deep sensitivity that makes me wonder how you know so much the way girls think! It’s almost like a guy cooking, or writing a romantic story. . .sometimes they do it better than we (girls) do! Still ur fan, scope, keep it up!

    1. Thanks a lot Marya!!
      Surprisinly, all of my works of fiction have a feminine voice, even my novel. I can’t say much about why this is so, I’m shocked too, considering that I don’t even have a…um, never mind.
      Anyways, I’m glad you are enjoying this series.

      1. Lol, I think I can fill in the gaps, scope ;). Y’know, it’s even more natural when you write it all from imagination, trust me! Once you get the “experience”, :D, it kind of changes the writing flow a bit. But not for the worse, so don’t be worried :D.

        1. Hmm…don’t be too sure about them gaps now Marya, I just might surprise you with a rather contrary response.
          I agree with you on the imagination being able to provoke exceptional works. Thanks again Marya.

  11. This is good scope, as always.

    Waiting for the next part.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Lawal, I have already sent Part 3 for review.

  12. Nice. Off to read part 3.

    1. I see u r enjoying this very much, I’m really, really glad u like it. Now I am inspired to write the concluding part.

  13. @scopeman, just for records purposes, i read this 3times over…it connects with part1 and drags me by the throat to part 3—>>>> going there

    1. lol… Please do. I’m glad you appreciate my efforts, really.

  14. i will go there on the morrow, gotta go home now…. thanks for the entertainment

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