Is Writing Still Relevant???

Is Writing Still Relevant???

Writing is an essential part of human interaction and existence; it is an important tool for sustaining the heritage and soul of any particular group of people. Writing means different things to different people; it is appreciated at various levels and interpreted in various ways; to some it is an art, to some it is a gift, while to others it is a skill that can be learnt. But the bottom line still dwells on the impact it yields and wields; the way lives are changed and touched by the letters of inspired writers with a certain level of mastery.

There is no better way to tell a story so that it speaks even louder to a greater audience than through writing. There is no better way to convey the truth so that it pierces even the most biased of hearts than by writing it; little wonder the Holy Book is a written document. There is no better way to preserve the bodies of knowledge or the spirit of intelligence than by engraving them on the pages of books. The constitution and every other similar legal structure that bind any organization or body or system are also preserved in writing.

Many great men can testify that their choices and paths were shaped by the depths of even greater men, whose wisdom they left in the pages of books and sheets of scrolls, so that just like Daniel in the scriptures, whoever wills may discover by books and seek what they sought rather than seek to imitate them.
We can’t doubt the efficiency of the power of writing; its effects are nearly eternal. Those who have the ability to wield this tool should consider it a privilege, as writing isn’t only relevant, but also an interlocking grid between fragments of time.

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  1. Good research
    um i do not know what to say
    but i feel like writing something.

    1. Thank you Ibkinx.




    1. I guess there is power mighty in the Word, lol…

  3. my bad
    thats felt not feel

  4. @scopeman, I believe you needed to write this piece to remind yourself about your job here on earth. I say this because I did it, too. When writers, especially literary creative writers, begin to ‘lose it’, the really good ones need to write things like this to remind them of what they were on this earth to do. It’s simple and it’s the truth, almost flawless. You got potential, and so do I. ;) But then, there’s this: Man cannot live by ‘writing’ alone. Your writing has to be well-fed, well nourished, for it to be exceptional, unique, even if you have to ‘steal’ (and ‘steal’ carefully and honestly) to make it so. *Thumbs*

  5. true, very true. good research

  6. Very true. I do consider the ability to write a privilege.

  7. Writing is still relevant oh! Where would man be if not for the power of words stringed together and preserved on the various surfaces that have been available throughout history? I love writing because it sets me free and I think the Nigerian Literary scene is experiencing an explosion in writing as a whole…writing for life jare! lol

  8. Thank you every one, may our writing bring us the satisfaction we desire and help make the world a better place for all, even as we tell stories and write stuffs that inspire hope, change and peace.

  9. I didn’t think I’d have to say this myself. I thought someone else will notice it. Anyways, I think y’all should know this, we are afterall, family.

    This article actually has exactly 300 words in it. It comprises of 3 paragraphs, with each having 100 words in them.

    It was my entry at the Future Awards Young Writers Network Creative Classes. I was selected and I participated briefly in the 3 months long workshop. I couldn’t complete the workshop because of school. The workshop for me, was the first step I took with taking my writing seriously. Thus, my journey continues.

    1. Contragulations, scopeman. Impressive! :)

      1. Thank you Emmanuella!

  10. the pen is always mightier than the sword
    i love the piece and its refreshing to know you researched to write this
    well done

  11. When you all say research, I’d like a little more light on that. I didn’t open no book or google any page, all the words came from somewhere inside of me. Now I haven’t said this out of pride or anything similar, but I think we should distinguish between a fine work born out of disciplined research and that born out of pure inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Certainly, the key thing about writing as a means of passing ideas, stories or information across is that the ideas and stories are available to whoever wants to read them, long after the person who created them has departed. This makes them less likely to disappear from the consciousness of the culture that gave birth to them.

    But writing is just one way of ensuring the persistence of ideas. What do you think would have happened if DVD and mp3 players were invented before writing? Would there be any incentive to invent a laborious way of recording ideas by scratching pen on paper, when you could simply point a camera or a microphone at the source of the idea?

  13. I ditto Tola,writting is just one way of ensuring persistence of ideas.
    This was a good research and true talk.
    More grease.

    1. Thank you Gretel!

  14. This kinda reminded me of the importance of what I have….

    This is truth succinctly expressed.

    Thank you for this one.

    1. You are welcome Lawal. Thank you too.

  15. Henrik Ibsen used his pen to do things that still inspires. Good one.

    1. Even though I do not know who Henrik Ibsen is, thank you for liking this.

  16. @scopeman, you are right…kinda makes me feel every important and careful as a journalist

    1. you should be xikay, u shud be.

  17. @scopeman, not me alone… you too with all your followership

    1. followership? lol…
      May God bless us all.

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