I Don’t Want To Be Sad

I Don’t Want To Be Sad

I’ll rather stare at you

than leak the words flowing thro’

the inside of me.

I’ll rather let silence earthen me

than loseen the whishes swaying/snitching in between

the deep of me.

I’ll rather sit still in the dark

than let your lightness cave the rising gates of my heart

I’ll rather cry a rainfall

let it drop down my cheeks

than unstiffen and let falsh-thoughts of you

sip my pulses away.

I’ll ease the tender rouses of my heart

i’ll twist the panoply of magic almost starting inside

i’ll let ashes drizzle on the ascending syn.

Earth shoots may rise

leaves may fade and en-dry

gray roots may foretell

i’ll rather not be sad.

18 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Be Sad” by laolu (@laolu)

  1. EM///i like…but i do not totally get…

  2. :) I’m very impressed with the way you created the imagery in this poem, very impressed. One needs a re-read to get the depths of meaning in this poem. The descriptive power here is quite good, only that I couldn’t ignore the typo errors displayed. I would really love you, @laolu, to re-read and then re-write this poem carefully. A second draft is needed here. Well done! :) *thumbs up* You get 99.5 over 100 as your score!!!

    1. Ma’am, if he’s already received 99.5 (a pretty high score), why re-look it? lol

      1. My giving that score, @abby, is not me being truly critical, it’s me being merely commentary, and that’s not enough. That’s why a re-read and a re-write are needed. I felt the poet should re-look the poem not for NS to publish it again, but for poetry competitions and paperback publications in the future. Maybe there’s something that the poet needs to see again, that’s all. @laolu should not just rest on that pretty score and think all is ok, for that 0.5 remaining can be covered, hm? :)

        1. thanks i always have a re-look @ my poems and i have even re-edited this one but its nt gonna be online..thank u tho

  3. Noticed some typos that should be corrected. I’m not sure I understand it, though.

  4. the description and the imagery really got to me
    well done

  5. Well done,ehnnn,the message came well,self happiness is une necessaire.

  6. Such struggling by the poet perdsona not to be sad.

    Very vivid imagery.

    Well done!!!

  7. @ Every1 will work on the typos i’ve been off the net for a while and thanks for reading through despite the ”daggers”

    1. lol,you are welcome.

  8. @anderson thanks its just difficult trying to edit,i just not so used to this site,can you plz tell me hw to?

  9. Like the poem. Have my own interpretation as well. Might not be be what you had in mind.

    1. wish i knew what u had in mind tho..thanks anyways

  10. Laolu, am afraid I do not quite get your poem. It seems to me that what the poet persona (sebi na wetin una dey call am bi dat) would rather do are the very things that just might guarantee his sadness. Yes? No? Please enlighten me.

    But I sorta liked it.
    Well done!

    1. @abby what i was sayin was that i’ll rather nt be sad when compared to..x alternative i hope u nw understand it?

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