Heartbroken But Never Bound

Heartbroken But Never Bound

In those times when one’s feelings become hollow,
In those times when all one receives is the chilly hand.
When that dreaded time approaches…

The heart pounds like the warning drums that sound for war.
The palms sweat like the mourning dew kissing the grassy carpet.
Deep within the pit of emptiness the groaning rises
Now the inevitable occurs…

Arms outstretched to receive the wind,
Eyes open wide to endless darkness,
That familiar feeling floods the heart.
Drowning,struggling…like quick sand,to no avail.
Eating deep to the bones,causing uncontrollable damage.

The heat not withstanding the cool night breeze.
The pain hidden in the chest,never to be opened.
The quaking of roots that held those walls.
The shattering of one’s soul!

Time,they say heals all wounds…How long would it take???

Not to be trampled upon,
No more to be enslaved,
The taste of true freedom,
The satisfaction of restoration,
The pride of one’s being,
The strength to persist,
The will to commit,
The courage to overcome,
The joy of LOVING….again.
Heart broken, but never BOUND!

14 thoughts on “Heartbroken But Never Bound” by MyLife (@cherrycone)

  1. Very lovely. I like

  2. Space after punctuation.

  3. Repeating ‘in those times’ in the second line didn’t work for me. The second line line oughtu have flowed like the third line. Really love the last part or stanza. It’s the part, in performance, you’ll probably recite smiling. Like the smiles that comes from the inside. In all, really love it. Looks like it’s your best post so far. Don’t know what others think.

  4. At first read, I didn’t pretty much grab the whole gist, safe the end-but then again, it’s poetry hey, isn’t it?

  5. Got me confused a lil

  6. thanx alot @lade, @jaywriter, @seun, @scopeman,
    @lawal…it’s basically about how you feel when you know deep down that someon has stopped loving you and you know that they will break up with you. the last part is when you finally find yourself and you have healed, then you’re sure you will let yourself love someone else instead letting your hurt put you in bondage.
    @jaywriter, thanks alot for the advice i shall keep all of it in mind. my best work is yet to come ;)

  7. thanx treasured1

  8. tis okay,like the last part and was smiling while reciting.
    Thumps up.

  9. @Mylife-I will swear dis poetic gown is well sown.Will u’ve trouble selling it to me! Lol.My catch phrase in di poem is/’Eyes open wide to endless darkness’ because of its literary weight.Push dis pen!

  10. thanx @gretel
    @charles, charles charles,thanx alot! i will have alil trouble, im happy you understood the line but thanx for the nudge! :)

  11. A number of very effective imagery here, way to go girl!

  12. nice with vivid imagery

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