Deep Kiss

Deep Kiss

Your lips are like smooth pebbles
Washed out and shining on the river bank
Their parting is like the freshness
Frothing on the surface of the ocean
Calling me for a cool dip or a warm plunge
Depending on whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a chilly night.
Your tongue is like the waves
Rolling over a deep endless sea
While mine is doing a breast- or backstroke.
A deluge of rhapsody floods over me
As if I am wearing my nerves and blood vessels
Like sleeves on my skin
We are en-fused
My brain in yours
Our individuality wrapped
We can’t be broken without hurting us.

We plunge deeply but have not washed away my fear
May God save our fate with the winds of grace
This gift of a tide so strong is hard to bear
Others have drowned under it, many without count
But may it fare us to destiny that’s fair, past our doubts.

38 thoughts on “Deep Kiss” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Cute poem
    like the first stanza
    the second didnt really flow along
    still its nice
    will be looking up your site for the everyday poem
    well done.

    1. I appreciate that Anderson Paul. The poem is not about the kiss only but also a deep sad muse underlying the otherwise passionate relationship; this mixed/bitter-sweet feeling could apply in several situations; perhaps there is something threatening the relationship. The passionate experience between their bodies in this case just further fuels the doubtful anxiety and confusion in their minds, that’s the essence of the second verse

      1. I nearly banged my head with my fist when you gave this explanation, Tee. Well, anyway, if there was a need, it’s all good. But most of the time, dear, do NOT explain away your works. It doesn’t give your readers room to decipher the works for themselves, since they are showcased for the public’s consumption, hm? ;)

        1. Awww :( I’m glad you didn’t bang your head Sis

        2. I thought it may just help someone understand better, but then, you probably have a point Emmanuella.

      2. hmmmmmm
        very interesting
        i notice your poems kinda focus on the female persona too.

        1. @Paul, @Tee is queuing up, tagging along with you and @Jaywriter on the sensual description of the female anatomy, dear. @Jaywriter talk say im no fit write anyting until im see woman. Women are one of the things that inspires you to write. And now, @Tee finds the glory of woman intriguing for him. Hm, you three musketeers! Abi una wan form ‘club’? Tink am sha. Just a suggestion… ;)

          1.,so u don add me form musketeers
            well done
            your plan will not work sha as i only visit that female part of writing once in a long while.

          2. @Emmanuella, [LOL] well, without trying to deny anything, I have written poems about women or loving relationships with them and I enjoy doing so, but I have written more poems that have no bearing on this as well. I guess you’ve only read the two poems I have published here, that’s why.
            There’s more at:

            1. E kpele, @Paul! :D :D :D I wan laf DIE for d joke wey I pull give u. Ndoo!

      3. very well
        this explanation gave a depth i didn’t discover to the poem
        i went over it again and now i really appreciate it
        well done.

  2. Good one Tee!!!

    1. Thanks Jays, glad you think so

  3. This is good Tee, imagery so vivid and descriptions so crisp…

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Bro, I’m glad you like it

  4. you wowed with me with this,thumps up oh,liked the last line so,may it fare us to our destiny that’s fair,past our doubts,and I’ll say amen.

    1. Glad you like it too Gretel and thanks

  5. Nice one…keep em coming…looking U up soonest….

    1. You are welcome anytime bro… and thanks a lot

  6. A poem that says ‘i have love but I’m afraid it won’t last long?’ hmmm…you couldn’t have put it better hombre..I love it! your use of imagery is to be the way you gave the sea personality in comparing it with your relationship..beautiful…

    1. I appreciate your comment too Estrella, I’m glad it made sense to you.

  7. VEry nice. Your use of imagery is really on point. Well done.

    1. Thanks Uche, glad you think so

  8. Tee, My brother, what can i say?
    You rise!

    1. Never mind Dear Sis, you say beautiful things all the time, don’t you? I appreciate your encouragement a lot… but na you I wanna be like naaw. :)

  9. Good poetry, Tee. This can be better, you know. You got potential! I just wish I had the critic streak, you know, to really analyse this piece and know what-and-what is missing here. I just have that feeling that there is, can’t lay a finger on it. Only a seasoned critic can do that for me. I say this because I’ve read so many literary critics, foreign and indigenous, and see the need to go to them sometimes. Sometimes, if you allow it, they can make or mar you, depends. Reading them can be fun, too!

    You’re good, but you can be better, in your own voice and in your own way, though. *Thumbs up* :)

    1. You are definitely right to say it can be better Emmanuella. I appreciate your feedback really. Thanks

  10. Thanks Lade, I’m glad you think so

  11. Good one man. Really like your descriptions. Sometimes can’t believe how much me loves women.

    1. Women are a right thing for a man to love bro. Glad you like the poem too

  12. Powerful and deep.

    That’s what I felt in the first stanza which I feel can stand alone. The second stanza seemed to wander away from the discuss

    1. Good analysis, @Afronuts. Quite good, hmmm… :)

    2. Thanks for reading @Afronuts, I like your observation, I do not disagree that the first verse will do well on it’s own, but I’m not quite sure you read my comments above about the second verse, I tried to explain…

  13. I totally echo Paul’s initial reservations and Afronuts’ observation but I also think that your response to Paul works for me. So, well done with this!

    Been on the everyday poetry blog and sir, you do write!

    1. I appreciate your visit to my blog and thanks a lot for the compliment

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