Wings Of Blood

Wings Of Blood

Angel wings form beneath me,

Spreading rapidly, spreading wide,

On either side;

I feel faint; I feel I can fly,

With these wings that sprout out of my body:

Not white, not white

Just red, red wings,

Made of

Tears and sweat

Made of water and blood.

Floating above the white ceiling room

I’m bewildered but hardly moved;

Memories crawl into me

Like water trickling into a bucket:

Mama solemn, mama sad

Mama saying, ‘no child is bad’,

Girl or boy, God gives, God knows

That children are quivers, in a woman’s bow.

My womb first begat female

And my husband’s frown deepened,

His hands stilled upon my seeking breast

And he slaked his thirst at another woman’s well.

My womb begat yet another female

And my husband’s scorn deepened

Matrimonial bed no longer sacred

The smell of semen and female fluids

Fluids that were not mine,

Wafted through the air;

All because my womb would not begat a boy child.

All because my womb would not begat a boy child.

Weary but determined, my womb took seed and swelled

Boy child made it bigger than girl child,

Boy child made it harder to bear;

Death stared me in the eye

Doctors warned, ‘take it out or you die’

But my ears were blocked, blocked with pride;

‘Boy child will make him love me again’

This roving husband of mine,

Boy child will make him love me again’.

I heaved and pushed,

Blood spewing from my body

Boy child cried with unbound fury

Sliding into the world

In a blinding flash of searing pain.

And then came the wings…


With my wings of blood I fly

Past the frantic nurses and screaming boy child,

Into the corridor where he waits and paces

This husband of mine, unfaithful and fine

‘She is gone’ the nurse moans to him

Hands wringed in despair;

We shared a story moments before

Of her own boy child and her roving man.

He stands still and blows exaspertated out air

What did she have? Do I have an heir?

At the nurse’s nod, he turns away

‘God saved her, he says

‘I would have killed her myself, if she had anything less’


With my wings of blood I fly

Into the open arms of the dark night

Into the welcoming sigh of the wind,

Boy child screams fading behind me,

boy child screams fading within….

26 thoughts on “Wings Of Blood” by estrella (@estrella)

  1. I like the concept. The craze for male children is just not needed in present times. Your work is deep and it flows too, but are those separations for stanzas? And if you could condense those words I feel your poem would come out better. Kudos mate…

  2. Let me quote you ‘Damn, you are good!’
    This is lovely, Estrella. I love the words, the story they tell, the way they tell it, the depth in the poem, the message in it . . . Did i leave out anything?

  3. WOW
    Beautiful poem
    Beautiful story told in tween
    i also like the theme you chose,you did one hell of a great job with the words here.
    even at the point of death,she didn’t mind the child living.
    that in its own way also tells us the endurance and sacrifice the African woman goes through.
    Well done babe.

  4. @Jaysplanet….Thanks Jay..I put the lines in to separate the progression of her journey to get a male child actually..if i hadn’t it would have taken time for the reader to know that a particular length of time had passed…as for the words…which parts do you think i should merge together? I’ll try it and see if it works better…

  5. @Lade…aw!! Thanks didn’t leave a thing out at all!
    @anderson…I wowed Anderson? My day is made people! Mission accomplished! lol

    1. @Estrella.i’m really wowed cos you did a brilliant job of it and i’m reading it for the third time now.
      way to go.




  7. This is soooo sad Estrella…Her life for his heir…not a very good choice.. Your descriptions were apt, the emotions were captured nicely and the silly man didn’t even care she was gone….Great job babe!

  8. I find that Mercy has taken the words out of my mouth.
    Beautiful job Estrella; beautiful and sad.

  9. @Seun…lol! the man is all those things and much more! Glad it roused you to anger..shows it touched ya! thanks man!

  10. @Mercy…yeah,her life for an heir…that’s what many women go through these days…kind of like a quiet epidemic…glad you enjoyed it
    @abbey…didn’t mean to come off as sad love but that’s the reality of the matter.I know what my mum went through so its personal for me..

  11. A poem of three stanzas, like three ‘musketeers’, to me. @Estrella, it was the way the first stanza of this poem (and a long one for that matter) brought me back and forth that I admired. At first, you took me to one place when you described a being with wings dripping with blood. Then you took me to another place quite suddenly when you drew a picture of ‘Mama’. Good thing that you were able to bring me back to the being with the dripping wings with good reason. This stanza was deliberately long,hm.

    Estrella, Estrella, God, your feminism is not in doubt at all in this poem. Kai, you tongue-lash men eh! Chei, I felt the whip. I mean after setting the emotion in place when the poet persona sacrificed herself for her only son, my womanhood was provoked!

    As I waded towards the end of this piece, I said to myself: Kai, not all men are like that now (beasts, monsters), but one can’t be too careful these days. Most men are.

    This is a brilliant attempt, @Estrella, and something tells me that you can do far better if you re-look this work again. I feel it needs more garnishing. *Thumbs up*

  12. @Emmanuella…darn it! Couldn’t hide my feminist side form you eh? I tired sha!
    Most men are like that..insensitive and uncaring but a few of them aren’t.I know from personal experience actually
    You’re right by the way..i could do better..this was the first draft i wrote and posted straight up…thanks emmanuella!

    1. @Estrella, you should never have bothered to try to hide that blunt feminism in this work (or in you, for you are what you write). It really tickled me ‘sensually’. God, I went metaphysical! You flaunted it with impunity. The attraction was POWERFUL… *sigh*

      Hmmm… ;) Mr.Anderson go enjoy, o! :)

      1. you sabi

  13. ‘His hands stilled upon my seeking breast

    And he slaked his thirst at another woman’s well.’ My favorite lines.So much has been said already,but this so rocks, in a sad way.Well done!!!

  14. @Emmanuella…metaphysical ke??? ha! lol! na wa oh!
    you’re right..I can’t hide my feminist side at all!
    as for Anderson…na only if e gree oh!
    @Lawal…thanks dear…glad you liked it!

  15. Read Seun’s comment,I echo it 20 times,you’re simply amazing,love this gurl,you make sense.

  16. @Gretl…Aw! thanks love! glad you liked it and felt as stronglya as Seun did! Mwuah!

  17. Estrella, this is a beautiful poem.I like the rhythm and the imagery and the story you are telling even though it is a sad one.I will reread it.

  18. @jef…thanks! the fact that you are going to re-read it makes me feel I’ve achieved something so,thank you again!

  19. You’re good. That’s a fact. You’re a feminist. Another fact. Really a sucker for female feminists. The third fact. Maybe the fourth fact will come later. Really loved this, especially the theme you explored and the way you explored it.

  20. without the women how will we be, we male folk,
    without the women how can we live, we male folk. nice one.i like the way u use the life seeping out of her body to represent the wings, the mode of transport she uses to leave…

  21. nyce sis. i expect notin less

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