When I Write

When I Write

When I write, I put my pen to work,

My hands to exercise and my fingers to twists

My fingers and palm are all aware and

they all co-operate … all these happens

when I write


When I write, I see nothing but the paper on which I do,

My brain goes to work and imaginations at its peak

All my members stands at ease to bring to fruition

these words that comes to past only

When I write


When i write, I’m no more ‘ME’, but someone else

My whole self is embedded in this character so false

So false, it looks so real it captivates me and plays this part so well

So well it comes to life

when I write


When I write, I’m transformed

I’m transformed to a being, a being I have no idea of

‘Why do you enbed me this much?’ … I ask the fairytale … from whom I get no tangible answer

To the question that hums in my ears

when I write


When i write, I see you in my works

My works that have made me ME

Myself that have gone this far just to create an impact that I long to be constant in years to come

Even generations to know what I mean

When I write

27 thoughts on “When I Write” by boomingsols (@boomingsols)

  1. A very profound poem…well done boomingsols.

    1. Thanks Mercy … the piece just came to me at a time when I didn’t know I can … all I knew was that I found myself scribbling something on paper …
      Thanks once again!

  2. I think this is ur best stuff I’ve read and serzly I took every line of it in.
    Well done.

    1. @gretel … Thanks a bunch dear … It took me by surprise too … Thanks once again! lol.

  3. Had to click on ‘when i write’- catchy title, got me. Nice one and Boomingsols i also get transformed when i write, you are spot on about that for me.

    1. hmmm Elly Turtoe … nice name …(wish i could see the face behind the name) lol. I actually wrote down my heart as I grasped the pen … really … writing is something else.
      Thanks dear for catching the writing fever!

      1. I 2nd that Elly; tis a really nice name. Would want to see the face behind it too.

        1. thats true @abby … I just wonder if I’m interacting with a Nigerian or a foreigner (Elly) … will be glad if I can get a glimpse of you!

  4. I echo elly’s comments.this got to me in a sort of way too.Well done.One sneaky typo though:‘Why do you enbed me this much?’ Think the word should be embed.

    1. thanks Lawal … and yes it was a typo … I actually wanted to hit the ‘m’ for embed … Thanksa again dear.



    1. good then … that compliment. Thanks Seun …

  6. Very nice, boomingsols. I can totally relate.

  7. Thanks Lade … just want to be like you … you know (*wink*wink*)

  8. Bumni! I truly love this. Nice one!

    1. Hmmm … @RemiRoy … thanks dear … this is your first comment to my works I guess …
      The inspiration at a time when I least expected.
      So, how’s life with you? I couldn’t make Kemi’s wedding as I wasn’t chanced and the rain did not help matters too! How about you? Did you go?

  9. Hmmm…I love this.

    1. @JaysPLANET …. thanks too … & now I’m blushing.

  10. Boomingsols, nice poem.
    The compliments ahead have said just about all there is. It really is nice.
    I love the rhythm to it and the truth of your experience when writing rings true.

    Well done!

    1. Hmm … @abby … I couldn’t have expressed it better … I just poured out my experience as I held the pen on that faithful day … the words came pouring out and the title became obvious instantly … I guess it was very inspirational … as I had nothing in mind b4 then. At the end of the day, i had a paperful of words …
      Thanks once again!

      1. ” I guess it was very inspirational … as I had nothing in mind b4 then. At the end of the day, i had a paperful of words …” That’s usually how it works for a lot of us.

  11. if you say so … Thanks all the same.

  12. Catch a kiss. You’re quite good. Simple, short, sexy and sweet is my best of poetry and you do it so well. Keep it up girl.

    1. Thanks JayBoy … you’ve said it all well … no more words can express it better!

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