Not Just A Writer

Not Just A Writer

The day could not be imagined. It was one of those lovely days in which the flowers blossom beautifully, the birds sings, the wind owls, and the trees whistle. The stillness of the earth could not just be imagined. It was a wonderful sight, and a day for the earth to be alive. But for one man stood a fallowing problem; he was lonely with so many talents to sooth and booth the world. He was a writer, a singer and a poet, but his family would neither jeer him up nor look his way. He loves being himself, attending church services, seminars, writing and giving out poems. Though there were many who pray to have his kinds of gifts, yet all who have met him only want to receive no one lends a helping hand for his progress.

He was determined to make it through in life knowing that the greatness of any man is achieved in tests, trials and taking only God as bait. He has few friends, not so close to him; no girl as a real partner but friends. People call him “trainer” but his name was Mr. T; and truly with his name abound good speeches, a different techniques of writing poetry, speaking, singing and teaching; he was good.

Looking into the profile of his growing up in life; he had started writing from primary three, only then his words were dotted on love letters and fictions, and he could not get past primary school due to financial obligations from his father’s side. The mother was not there to take care of him after he had been waned from infant milk. He did work for a while earning some cash and saving it for going back to school but his father subscribed the money at the end for playing pool. His life wallows in religious propagation from friends, families and foes. He became a reader, reading any book worth his salt. He compose songs, wrote poems and plays. None could believe nor accept that he will ever get above his primary education, for all thought he would just learn a trade and stay there. But his mind was made up to get than the highest in life.

Mr. T had gone through the thorny side of life trying to be a man; from a polygamous home with religious biases, to being a Christian in one soul and spirit.

He sat under a tree to upbraid his past, and where he is going. His father was a traveler who loves women to the core. His other was not really there for him as he grew up with his stepmother until almost to the end of his father’s life.

It had not been easy when his father was alive; he was beating up whenever he went to church. When he was given a scholarship to study music, the father turned it down; how he was accused of stealing things he never did touch. It was not an easy thing to be in but he endured. He tried to be what he wanted has a boy growing up to be a man. He had learned trades truly to cope the world. But no matter how much he tried his line still dotes on writing, teaching and performing music and poetry.

He had attended the ‘School on Wheels’ to learn to design, paint and draw, read books on computer practicing them for his good. And had gone on to learn Aluminum fabrication trade for three years with eight months in an institution, where he learned electrical electronics for his own use. Whatever there was to be learned, he was always ready to learn, read and pave his own way out of it.

To be continued…

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  1. Hmmmmm,Mr John,I really understand the angle you’re coming from and it can be so frustrating,this is nice,why do I have a feeling that you’re Mr T?just asking!

  2. Because he is Mr T! Nice one. But watch those spelling errors.

  3. Yep..He definitely is Mr. T….noticed you typed ‘owl’ instead of ‘howl’ and ‘jeered’ instead of ‘cheered’. like Lade has already noted you should watch out for typos and spelling errors..Nice one Mr. T.

  4. Good one, Mr T.

  5. Em, this came to my notice when I read this piece and I suggested correction on them, thanks to Mercy and Lade for noticing the errors:-

    “…the flowers blossom(ed) beautifully, the birds s(u)ng, the wind (h)owl(ed), and the trees whistle(d).”

    “… to sooth(e)”

    “… booth the world.”?

    “… but his family would neither (ch)eer him up nor look his way.”

    “… a different technique of writing poetry…”

    “He sat under a tree to (upbraid?) his past…”

    “He tried to be what he wanted has a boy growing up to be a man.” Confused sentence structure.

    I guess you were not just a writer, @treasured1. Wole Soyinka lived like this, I can remember, when certain writers gathered together to compose a series of essays on him when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 called BEFORE OUR VERY EYES, edited by Dapo Adelugba. Doing odd jobs nourishes your writing. I’m doing an odd job myself working in a small finance house, but most naturally I can’t forget that I’m an artist to the core. It even haunts me. This is a good memoir to pen down, @treasured1, very good memoir, like a reminder. E dey necessary for we wey dey live RUGGEDLY now, o! U no as ur kontry be now. I concur, @treasured1. I bet the next part to this memoir solidifies the decisions you’ve made in this roller-coaster called life. :)

  6. Emmanuella has mirrored my thoughts on this.Very engaging read.Looking forward to read the next part.

  7. Hmmm, Mr. T had it rough ehn? recipe for the ‘top’, I say!
    Waiting for the next part…

  8. hmmm memoir writing- a tough one to tackle, but seeing as you have already tackled a rough time this should be small fry, abi? Good one Mr. T and lest i forget watch those typos and tenses.

  9. hmmm trasured1, you really are treasured … and you write so well … keep it up dear.

  10. @ gretel…Thanks…Just being me….keep having the feeling…u need it for now…Wait for the next post….

  11. @ Lade…hey Mrs…Errors noted….Thanks….

  12. @ Mercy…Thanks…wish I can change my typos but the fact is when it is posted, it can’t be corrected here…Me think it will be best reading twice for posting from now….

    @ @ Jaywriter…Thanks…always….

  13. @ Emmanuella…thanks for noticing…Wll do best next posting….

    @ Lawal Opeyemi Isaac….Thanks…next part…coming soon….

  14. @ RemiRoy..Thanks…the next part coming soonest….

    @ Elly Turtoe…truly the journey of success to the top…you are right…thanks….

  15. @ boomingsols…Sure…love bad us onward in life….will do….thanks

  16. Reflective stuff…i’m inspired to tell MY story…

    Connecting…but i think i have a small issue with the impersonal tone of the writing…and also a typo…’beating up whenever he went to church’ should be ‘beaten up whenever he went to church’…

    I likee sha!

    1. Seun write am oh abeg. lol

  17. Nice one Mr. T, I like that you were open to learn from the toughness life doled your way. I hope you stay that way; it really is the only way.

    Kudos sir!

  18. @ abby…thanks…always a lesson learned…well, for Mr. T…time and tide teaches more onward to success….

  19. @ Seun…u are right…Thanks….waiting on that story o….

  20. Good piece, but watch out for typos and wrong tenses.

  21. Nice one Mr T
    a story of strength and courage.
    well done and God bless.

  22. @ Uche…thanks…will do…how nice of U….

  23. @ Anderson…. Thanks…just some lessons we all go through becoming a story…sending the next in time….soonest….

  24. @ Uche…Thanks…Will do…glad for your comment….

  25. i found this peice very intense, sorry i’m just commenting on it, it has taken me a while to read up on all the works i have missed so far…love it…

  26. @ Uche..Thanks…glad you could comment…and as for typos, will do….

  27. @ Anderson….Thanks for the time….Well, really a great lesson as life teaches….

  28. @ Meena….No problem for the times…Thanks for the comment, glad U had the time…glad u love it…All the best out there!

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