Last Night 3

Last Night 3

I woke up and stretched lazily on the unfamiliar bed. I was not on my bed. My room mate was out for the weekend, but had left her keys in our hiding place. I was not on hers too. Our beds felt harder, no bounce like this one. But it was comfy here, it was pleasurable here. I smiled when he walked in. He was not joking when he said he was vain about his body. There he was, naked, glistening with droplets of bath water and breathtaking. There I was, naked under the covers, blushing at the sight of him and the memories of the night before. And he came straight for me…

Before I continue, let me make a few clarifications. I, Oluwamayomikun, am on Bode’s bed, like in my dreams. Bode, is standing before me in all his glorious nakedness. And I, Oluwamayomikun, am salivating at the mere sight of him. The things I have done at his touch remain ‘unspeakable’. I smiled into his mouth as he kissed me good morning. It was a long and deep one, full of promises, a silent reminder. I did not imagine that last night would end the way it did. Oh, I did hope for something, but not this much.

I tickled his ribs to distract him and gently pushed him off me.

“I need to call my flat mate” I said, getting up to look for my phone. Everything felt so surreal, just like my previous dreams. Bode picked my phone from his floor on the side of the bed and passed it to me.

“You must have a million missed calls” he said.

I checked my phone and found 3 missed calls, from my plumber. It was then I remembered that I had a leaking faucet in my room and had asked the plumber to stop by this morning.

“I have to go, Bode. My plumber has called me 3 times”

“Plumber? And I thought it was drivers that ogas competed with”, he joked

I slapped his arm playfully as he grabbed my hands and forced me back on the bed. I was laughing and struggling to get free, but then his lips found my lips and my giggles turned into moans. I shifted underneath his weight for better access to his body and mine. The duvet that had covered me to my neck slipped and revealed two errant peaks that seemed to beg his attention. I whimpered as he tasted and my wetness testified to my need. Bode was a careful lover, and I was faint from the heights of passion he had taken me to the night before. I had never been touched so carefully before. Bode not only desired me, he loved my body. A smile played on his lips as he began he downward descent from my chest. I had to stop him!

“Wait…”, I managed to whisper. “Bode… I have to go… my room will get flooded…” His lips flirted with the receding hairline from the place between my legs and I sighed.

“Bode… please…” I forced my hands to his head and made him look at me. His eyes were dark with desire even though he still smiled mischievously. His lips were wet and moist, I could feel the heat of his now drying body, we had shared the wetness as we had many other things the night before.

“Must you go now?”

“Yes!” I laughed as I got away from under him. I couldn’t leave the bed, I was too conscious of my nakedness. “Do you want my stuff swimming in my house by evening when my landlord gets back and pumps water?”

Bode looked at me for a few seconds and gave in

“Ok, we’ll go together”

He moved closer to me and kissed me, slow and deep, ” and we’ll continue from where we stopped when you are done.

The 20 minute drive to my house had made me hungry

“Are you busy today?” I asked, turning down the volume of his car deck

“No, why?”

“I was thinking of making something to eat when we get to my house. I just realized how hungry I am”

“Sorry, I should have fed you early. I didn’t know you were going to rush our like this.”

“It’s fine, I’ll blame you some other time”

My landlord had, thankfully not returned from his trip yet so my room was dry. The plumber was very quick with his job and within an hour, I was working breakfast with Bode on my heels. He was getting under foot, being so sweet with his offers to help. I allowed him make the scrambled eggs and he said my toast was the most scrumptious he’d ever tasted. We had fun and juice and I watched him sleep while I read up on my pediatrics. Everything happened so fast, so quickly. Time felt like it stood still. Maybe I had developed superwoman strength. The unrealness of the events of the last 24 hours scared me. I did not want to ever wake up from this dream.

We were in my room and I was playing my favorite jazz set. I needed the calm of Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans to help me visualize as I read. And I guess it drove Bode to sleep too. I was turning the last page of the chapter when I was roused from my sleep by the feel of feathers on my face. I smiled my eyes open at the intruder of my dreams. He turned towards me and leaned in. I could taste him lips even though they journeyed across my face. I came to with the help of his feathery kisses on my neck, on my lips, on my cheeks. I reached forward to get my journal out of the way and my fingers met with his growing hardness. I shuddered visibly in response. His eyes closed like he was about to lose control and in a second, he was all over me. My tank top came off quite easily and my weak sighs were the only audible responses I could make. My heart beat tippled when I felt his lips flicker over my throbbing peaks. I thought I had gone to heaven.

“He is adept with this thing”, I thought as I reached behind his neck and pulled him closer.

Every touch was deliberate, like someone that had been there before, he traced his way round and stopped at every point where he found what he was looking for. Before long, I was begging him to end the torture and help me find my release. My heart was beating like I was in a race. I was scared of the way I was feeling. The lovemaking was mind blowing, but this was beyond the gentle touching and the soft caressing… I was again distracted from my thoughts by his nibbling…

“Aahh… Bode… stop…”

He took my errant nipple between the tips of his thumb and middle finger and rolled the tips like a ball. His eyes were on me, intense with desire, his body leaned on his left elbow and his lips smiled.

“You want me to stop…? Now…?” He asked as he moved closer to me and I could feel his hardness on my thighs. I couldn’t believe the depth of my lust for this man. I mustered all the strength I had in me and took his hands off my. I looked straight at him and saw him smiling still.

“What are you up to, Bode? Is this some…. never mind!”

I got off the bed and walked into my bathroom. It was time for a shower. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. I hadn’t looked back, for effect. It was pretty clear to me that we were not on the same page. I had that nagging feeling that this would not end well. But I was in too deep. Plans needed to change.

“Hey… can I join you?”

“get out of my bathroom, you!” I half screamed at Bode, laughing as I threw my soaped sponge at him. Like an actor on cue, he fell on his knees like he was struck by lightening and faked pain.

“I need medical attention.. I’ve been hit!”

“Okay, come into my office…” I said with a wink and a smile. “Let’s see what is wrong with you…”

He was naked and in the shower in a second. I laughed as he tickled and kissed me, but I also had my plan. It was the sweetest bath I’d ever had. Soap suds never felt so good on my skin, water never felt so cool.

“You smell divine… I could feast on you all day…” he murmured. I sighed.

Kisses are meant to be searing hot when filled with passion, right? This wasn’t. It was warm, soothing and all round body sweet. I felt it at the tip of my fingers and at the back of my knee. I wanted more of him, and I wanted it now. I lifted myself from the edge of the shower and pressed my chest to Bode’s face. He welcomed my intrusion with his very warm lips. I never thought pleasure could be so close to dying, because then, I had died a thousand times over. In one quick movement, Bode had me back on the edge of the shower, my back resting on his left arm. The first feel of him was shocking. He felt hot compared to the still running water. And right there, under the showers of cold reckless water, Bode made sweet love to me, for the umpteenth time.

It was confirmed. I had either become extremely wayward, or I had fallen in love.


My flat mate’s footsteps drove me out of my reverie. I had again been fantsizing.

“This Bode will not kill me…” I muttered to myself as I smiled at my friend.

“Hey you… didn’t think I’ll meet you at home. No work today?”

“Nah… no sleep for the wicked either.” I laughed

Again she was clueless. Her blond moments were becoming not so far between these days. I suspect6ed man trouble. Not like I didn’t have enough of my own. I had concluded that the psychology and anatomy of the male specie was created to torture the female specie.

“Are you ok, darling?” I asked

“I’m fine… just tired.” Her hesitation gave me cause for concern. The girl I knew was a ‘spiller’. She spilled even when you wanted her to hush up.

“Are you and Duro cool?”

She sighed. “Mayo, he’s been acting strange…” “Yeah, she’s fine and dandy” I thought as I positioned myself for a long recount of events I had become very familiar with. “He doesn’t call like he used to anymore. It’s almost as if he’s avoiding me…”

I dared to ask what she meant and hoped I would not regret issuing the license to ‘kill me softly’.

“Come here, baby… sit… ” I said, patting the floor beside me.

She plopped and the gist began just as my Bode day dreams for that day ended.


I plopped on the now familiar bed and sighed wearily as I looked at the time. It was dark and quiet outside and the clock read 11. 37 p.m. inside. Just as I was beginning to unfasten my buttons, the adjoining study opened and my Adonis walked in like a prize. I wasn’t dreaming either, it had been real life loving for the past two weeks. I am so into this guy! He pampers me at the slightest opportunity, and I pay him back in good, healthy and passionate kind.Bode hasn’t proposed yet, but I have been re-introduced to his family as his ‘new wife’.

“What do you mean new wife?” I asked with a playful punch to his well toned abs.

“Would you prefer ‘old wife?’

‘How about no wife at all!” I retorted. “You haven’t exactly asked me anything…” I would end with a pout.

“Oh that? Don’t worry, we should get to that soon enough!” Then he would scream as I begin to use my medical knowledge to cause him physical pain. But this time, it was pleasure all through. “Mama always said there’d be days like this!” I thought as he welcomed me home with the lightest and oh-so-sweetest feathery kisses. Now he was nibbling my lips and tickling my ribs. I was about laughing into his lips when he spoke into mine.

“Babe, let’s end this nicely… Mayo, marry me… please…”

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  1. Nice one…A romantic tale in good write…me like….

  2. hmmmmmmmm
    enough mushy mushy here
    nice and romantic.

    1. As in… too much mush making me ill sef! lol! Who wrote this? It wasn’t me!!

  3. SIGH.

    Me…i don’t know o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DOPE THO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. *cough* eerr… wat dont you know exactly…? :D

      1. Em…em…i cannot recall what it was that i didn’t know…


  4. and the ended happily ever after… is very good yetti.Was rooting for mayo that Bode be real.Stuff that good shouldn’t happen in dreams.Thank you for making him happen afterall.

    But yetti, e be like say this your genre na ‘erotica’ o, with this vivid descriptions, this one pass romance o!

    1. huh? Erotica? In the words of Mr. Odukoya, me, I don’t know o… lol! Thanks for enjoying it afterall! It was the most difficult piece to conclude!

  5. Single sneaky typo…’I could taste him(s) lips’.

  6. Yeti, I have come again.
    Lovely piece but knowing you, all this might all be a dream and my eyes prolly missed out that inconspicuous part that mentioned it. But maybe its all real after all.
    But girl, this is VIVID oh; some of us still want to make Heaven oh.

    This is really good Yeti; very believable. Will leave the typo bits to them others to point out.

    1. LOl@ making heaven. Don’t mind Yeti. She doesn’t want some people to sleep well this night.

      Good job, Yeti.

    2. DOn’t worry, I will ensure that you all ‘get to heaven” ;) lol! Well, vivid, I agree… it wasn’t my fault sha. the story just wanted to go that way…

      @ Uche, I thot this would make sleeping easy! lol!

  7. well said Lawal … little typos but good concept!

  8. This is a romance thriller …now Yett and Lade are on the stage … I love this toooo much!

    1. Thank you! Thank you!!

  9. *clears throat* kinda lost track of the story in all the . . . er . . . ‘loving’. Small pikins dey NS o! Lol.
    This is mush at its sexiest, love it

    1. Madam, allow we the small pikins speak for ourselves. You are no longer one of us. You cannot claim ‘innocence’ or ignorance again now oh.

      1. Lol @Abby. But i can watch out for my lil sisters on NS now, abi?

        1. Okay. I agree. lol
          I’ve missed you oh, that’s why am looking for your trouble.

          1. @Abby – i’ve missed you too. You know you are my NS twin.

    2. It’s sounding all too familiar, abi Lade? ;) Is Abby saying what I’m thinking she’s saying??

      1. and you had to put me on the spot, eh?

        1. Spot? What spot??? Anyway, since u r here already, u might just want to decode ur Morse code here on my page!!!

      2. Abby’s subliminally owning up…

        No mind them jare…confession is good for the soul…

        1. lol Seun, you are so not serious.

          1. INDEED.

            Is that a smile/blush i see on those pink…

            sorry. The rest na presidential gist!!!!!

  10. Sis Lade,wanted to ask if I should read this post?my eyes shall not behold evil?Biggy brosss,where are you,should I read this?I’ve not read it yet oh.
    This was soooooo lewd,heavens and so real,hope I’ll have a BF Bode.
    Yeti,you much.

    1. Don’t worry, I’ve PG-ed it. It’ll beep when it gets too … graphis… hehehe!
      Me first at that BF Bode, girl! Thanks!

    2. Gretty, oh no no no! Don’t read at all. This is rated 25 (and counting) Not for young eyes. Lol.

      1. Oh wow… then I shldn’t be reading this…



  11. Tra la la, @yettitweets! I didn’t know you had it in you, babes! I’m impressed, enjoyed the steamy scenes :D. It’s getting hot in here, lol. Nice one, worth the read!

    1. Trying to be like you as I grow up jare! MWL, waiting for the next episode of the new one (dont want to say nuffin before I mess up d title again!lol)! Hurry up with it jare!

  12. Rated 18!
    good one Yettitweets, you pulled off the … scenes well.

    1. lol! more like 25! I’m blushing jus reading the story myself! Choi!

      1. NO WAY!!! More like rated 50. lol
        Okay, 35 would cut it.

        1. Oh my.. the age restriction is getting further away from mine… :D

  13. Wow! yetitweets? this was the bomb! not to mention rousing!lol..I love it!

    1. Ye! Rousing ke? Pls dont let my mummy hear you o! lol! Thanks darling! It was a very difficult piece to write.

  14. Ok, I think I should make a few clarifications. I felt the story needed tht funny start. Not the usual guy meets girl, chases girl and gets girl routine. Howzabout guy meets girl, has cold feet, girl chases guy, guy falls in. I’ve heard stories about the most unlikely guys (commas, players, whatever name u call them) being keepers. I don’t have the energy for them, I no fit get HBP, but I do know there have been some unlikely happily ever afters. I guess what I’m trying to say is, 5% of the time, it’s not about the quick booty call. It might just be a scardy cat’s way of inching towards commitment. It’s not the best way, but some have walked it. I was just trying to tell their story. I figure that I couldn’t tell it well tho. Havent been unfortunate enough to walk thir rocky paths! lol!

    Thanks all. Signing out…

  15. He he he he @ the age restriction..but seriously, this was very steamy!!..A very masterfully written story still..Well done babe!

    1. thanks dear! Steamy indeed… lol!

  16. I don’t know why but this happens to be the first post that I’m commenting on here on NS. That said, eventually this passes for a very good piece but what I can’t really grasp is how that for 2 WEEKS, that’s all they did. Then again, how many nights equal one last night?
    Brilliant piece altogether.

    1. eerr.. the focus of the story was on what they did… lol! If you read the prequels, you’ll prob see why..

  17. Steamy, i agree!
    Well done yeti.

  18. Definitely steamy.
    Once again good descriptive power.
    But em…cant remember much of the actual story only the ‘going-ons’!
    But i guess thats what you wanted…

  19. Fantasies sometimes become reality. Marriage is the best answer to a good romance.

  20. waoh, really hot!!!! i love it! btw yettie, is bode real*wink*

  21. This was a good read.. I like..

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