I believe.

I believe.

3:45pm. Saturday the 30th, September, 2010.

As a child, I was led to believe that the sky is always blue, no matter what; that one naira would always buy me sweets; that my dad was from a distant planet far from earth and that everyone is a Nigerian and it is the best country in the world.  I was a believer; Naïve, but a believer nonetheless.

In my childhood, I learnt a lot of things about Nigeria. Nigeria got her independence from the British Colonialists on the 1st of October, 1960, became a republic in 1963 and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first indigenous president of Nigeria. The country defended its territory against internal forces in the civil war of 1967. I also learnt the national anthem and pledge which I recited with abandon in those days.  Everything seemed so simple. 

Now, as a final year student in university, it is all so complicated. I have seen gray skies. I have not uttered one word of the national anthem or pledge in years. I have reached the conclusion that it is easier to learn history than to live it. I often say a prayer of thanks to all those Nigerians, many years ago, that lived through these periods in history and never gave up.  I pray now that we all will be appreciated for keeping faith sometime in the future.

I have seen immeasurable beauty over the years, a beauty that gives me the confidence to dream of a better Nigeria, a beauty that gives me hope that there is indeed a future, a beauty that confirms that darkness always precedes light and better days are yet to come.

I am now writing into this journal, after a stimulating history class fixed today to make up for lost time.  Something the lecturer said spurred me to make this entry. He said: “look at the Balkan countries, look at the failed states of Africa and decide for yourself if Nigeria is worth fighting for”. I hope we can make up for lost time and put up a good fight.

I do not consider myself a child anymore, but I do wish Nigerians would think as children again and sing the national anthem with abandon. Some things have changed since I was a child. I would say, still, the Nigerian sky remains blue, no matter what. I am sorry to say that one naira cannot buy me sweets anymore, but I insist that my father is not of this earth, even as I now think he is from a few planets closer than I thought. I dare say there are many nationalities out there (and countries too), but I still think Nigeria is the best country in the world. I am (still) a believer.

6:08am. Monday, October 1, 2010.

Happy independence, Nigeria.  Today, I will sing the national anthem, with abandon.

P.S:  yesterday, I convinced my friends and course mates to sing the national anthem 50 times today. They said I am not of this earth, but agreed to it.

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    Funmi-F (@Funmi-F): Junior Writer - 3783 pts

    I liked this. I am a pessimist at heart, try as I may to fight my tendencies. Yet, this was food for thought. Well done. No trade by barter necessary, I am voting for this. 😉

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    Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 110834 pts




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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12474 pts

    Nice one! I like.

  4. Profile photo of Lade
    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 16693 pts

    Arise O Compatriots . . . .
    Cannot remember when last i sang it. Thanks for reminding me.
    As a never die optimist, i have never failed to believe in a better Nigeria, even during those dark days when my heart breaks.
    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
    Very nice.

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    Marya Kudos (@merrymae): Writer - 9263 pts

    Good one, written with sensitivity. You make me so ashamed for thinking so many bad thoughts about my country – and saying them out loud as I have done on occasion!

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    grayshores (@grayshores): Newbie - 499 pts

    I like this…. The date and day weren’t consistent, though. If 30th September was a Saturday then, 1st of October should be a Sunday. Aside that, It’s a beautiful piece.

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    abby (@abby): Junior Writer - 3804 pts

    @grayshores; noticed same but my guess is he’s working with the holiday.

    @Fabian, I read the first paragraph and I was sold. This is really beautiful.
    Let’s obey Nigeria’s call; she needs us as much as we need her.
    Well done sir!

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    Fabian (@fabage): Newbie - 245 pts

    @Abby and Grayshores, I was hoping nobody would notice (wishful thinking. I’ll be completely honest, I was unclear of the dates at the time of writing, so I consulted my calender. I’ld like to blame it on the calender, but I later discovered I had adopted dates in October! Thanks for your comments, they are well appreciated.

    @Maya kudos, if what you say is true, then that is a small victory in itself. Thank you… and God bless Nigeria!

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    2cute4u (@2cute4u): Junior Writer - 4403 pts

    I’m too impressed to say anything else..

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      Seyi (@supremo): Junior Writer - 2446 pts

      That makes you a fellow believer.

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    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2700 pts

    Ditto 2cute. The story’s good. The dreams? We’ll surely get there.

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    Daireen (@daireenonline): Scribe - 17967 pts

    So you’re a Patriotic Nigerian ba? For your mind only :d

    We need to rediscover our lover for motherland, and make her proud by watching out for each other. Inspiring write. Thanks for sharing.

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