HERE I AM … still thinking of you

HERE I AM … still thinking of you

Here I am sitting down on this chair so old, unaware of my being

Hands on laps, eye-brows downcast, I see nothing

Wishing things hadn’t gone bad, so I’ve prayed

Just wishing you are still here with me … still longing

How could this have happened to me? I wonder …

    Here I am upstanding, as stationary as can be

    Hands akimbo, eyebrows battling … a puppet’s

    How could things be this strange … my God

    I’m pondering on these memories … so sweet

    Hallucinating over the past, still wondering …

      Here I am legs on the go, pacing around

      Hands swinging like a soldier’s, eyes rolling

      Remembering your acts, can see you

      Still thinking over and over,  going crazy … nearly

      Something must be wrong, wondering though …

        Here I am layed flat, cradled like a baby

        Hands below head, eyelids hovering

        Visions of you filling my imagination, my conscious

        You’re encapsulating my solid self with your virtual embrace

        Oh … how I miss you this much!

        Here I am laying straight, sheets all over

        Hands cupping face, legs folded … tears uncontrollable

        Temperature high … this heat’s fierce

        Dreams of you filling my space … quite visible to all

        This must be fatal, wondering still …

          Now, HERE I AM awake, face brightening, eyebrows radiant

          Hands waving, catwalking like a star

          Body shining, everyone can see

          Hopes of you … the future, filling my subconscious … never know you’re watching

          its just obvious that I’m STILL THINKING OF YOU … that brightens my day!

          28 thoughts on “HERE I AM … still thinking of you” by boomingsols (@boomingsols)

          1. Non-fiction, boomingsols?! I go love o.

            1. @Lade, lol … yeap! Love is sweet … Thanks once again!

          2. @Lade, I see am too o!!!…But you don love already ke? Mrs..—- Fill in the
            @Boomingsols…If you wanted to paint a lovelorn picture in the first stanza, you achieved it perfectly…Well done!

            1. @Mercy Ilevbare … lol … na wetin I for do now … the thing just dey make my belle do jigijigi jigi bam bam … lol

              Thanks so much for the encouragement … I so appreciate it!

              @Lade? lol lol lol .

          3. What a way to pour out the felling…well, U did paint so well, concur with Mercy….

            @ Lade…thought u’ve got it….lol

            1. Thanks treasured1 … I appreciate!

          4. yep,I agree,you painted a lovelorn picture well.
            Well done.

            1. … Thanks gretel … what more can I say … didn’t kow dt really!

          5. Em…i think ‘layed’ should be ‘laid’…or is it ‘layed’ as in verb?

            So lonely…

            1. hmmm Seun, I thought about that too and thought layed (animate) made more sense in this context than laid (inanimate) … I guess … Thanks for spotting.

              1. It’s beautiful…you paint that picture a bit too well…but oh well…

                1. oh … thanks so much Seun … for the comment.

          6. “I’m pondering on these memories … so sweet” Well, read through but ‘those’ instead of ‘these’ would have done it for me.

            I think I really keep liking you more and more with each poem you post. Oh! Pastor got you on the home page of NS and you’ve come to force us to take notice of your style, (of course after Oh! Pastor was termed ‘not too good’ by someone).

            I am in the groove now. Keep more sweet poems coming.

            And by the way, you could be in Matrix or Tron.

            1. First of all, I want to bring to the notice of NS Editor/Admin that my Poem was not published in its original form. Every stanza has a break (like the one before the 2nd to the last stanza) befor “HERE I AM”.And now, I’m seeing everything just combined as one … it makes me not happy o.

              Now to comment on your point, @Jaywriter… hmmm … If you look very well, you’ll seeing that everything’s happening in the present tense … and I understand you quite well … so dear, its really (to me) not a typo but very deliberate. Thanks for your eagle eyes.

            2. Like I always say Jaywriter, that whether something is termed good or bad is not something to fuss about … its the determination you put into it that made it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ that matters. So whether good or bad, the fact is you ‘ve conquered a barrier by trying in the first place and that itself is something to celebrate, ‘coz so many talents and potentials have died without an opportunity to try. So dear, lets count ourselves lucky to have an opportunity as ‘rare’ as this — the fact is: its not common!

          7. lol @ Jay; sebi na you?
            Nice poem. Thoughts of someone dear to us always brightens our day.

            1. that’s true abby … I guess it brightens my day more. thanks once again!

          8. First of all, I want to bring to the notice of NS Editor/Admin that my Poem was not published in its original form. Every stanza has a break (like the one before the 2nd to the last stanza) befor “HERE I AM”.And now, I’m seeing everything just combined as one.

          9. Love’s always a lovely subject, and it’s well expressed in this piece. Well done.

            1. Thanks Uche … just said I should play my little part …

          10. Poetry is like a science to me. I usually don’t get it! But somehow, I got this one. Good work, boomingsols!

            1. hmmm … Marya Kudos, thanks a whole bunch for this … never knew I painted it that well … tahnks once again … I appreciate.

          11. This kind of love that gives you fever and heals you all over wa oh!..take it easy oh! lol…love the poem…you’ve got a purity in your writing that is really refreshing to read…don’t let anything or anyone taint that for you no matter what..thumbs up girl!

            1. seeing this comment just sent some shivers done my spine …. u know …
              hmmm … the healing effect was actually worth the fever …
              … u know that no-one can taint (that’s obvoius … I never let any1 do dt to me)…
              and thanks girl for your sincere view!

          12. Was a little confused at the end part, when the poet persona woke up.was he sleeping/ dreaming all along?

          13. @Lawal, the persona was doing these: thinking, hallucinating, dreaming and finally woke up … to reality … that was the concept.

          14. nice poem,good concept.
            i will call it creativity.

            1. Thanks Paul … I appreciate.
              Your interview was great … seems we’ve got same likes … a coincidence … I guess.
              Thanks once again!

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